Literacy campaign: how to remove gel nail at home?

How to remove gel nail polish at home, and is it possible?This question torments many of the fair sex, who discovered the shellac.The answer is quite simple.To remove paint and gel coat to the nail and you can own.Below, we describe two ways.

professional set

Best of all, if you have the opportunity to purchase a special set that allows to get rid of shellac using tools used by professionals.It usually includes:

  • liquid solvent coating;
  • wrap foil;
  • wand to remove the cover (they are made of orange tree);
  • care oil cuticle;
  • nail file.

How to remove gel nail polish at home?With this handy set to begin cleansing nogotochki you right after you wash your hands with warm water and soap.Dale have to take five cotton pad and divide them into two parts (for convenience and economy), the same should be done with foil.Once everything is ready, you can begin.How to remove gel nail polish at home?

  1. halves cotton impregnated with a liquid to remove the drive cover.
  2. applying them to each claw and wrap fo
    il, thereby fixing a cotton pad and creating an atmosphere for a more efficient means of exposure.
  3. Expect 10-15 minutes.If discomfort (burning sensation or irritation) time can be shortened.
  4. Pending lightly stroking nails, doing massage.
  5. Over time, remove the foil, then a cotton pad, remove the foil from the nail.In the presence of residues of the gel varnish on the surface, use an orange stick.Processing need each finger separately.
  6. Once all nails are processed, use the oil for cuticles.

How to remove gel nail polish at home?

Consider also the case if you buy a set of specialized professional remover shellac is not possible.Then come in handy handy tools such as:

  • means of nail polish remover (the most common containing acetone);
  • cotton pads;
  • foil (can be used for food);
  • orange stick or an alternative;
  • greasy hand cream or oil.

How to remove gel nail polish?

sequence of actions similar to that discussed previously in the first embodiment.Cotton pads soaked in nail polish remover and attached to the nail plate for about 10 minutes.While waiting also must be lightly massaging the base of the nail to the film separates from it better.Once the 10 minutes pass, carefully remove the foil, and then remove the cotton pad.Rather, the film of lacquer, if integrated, would go along with it.If not, remove it by yourself.Orange sticks used in case remained on nogotochki lacquer.Upon completion of the procedure Treat cuticles fat cream to protect it from the negative influence of acetone.

Now you know what means to remove the gel-coat.The procedure is quite simple and takes little time, about 20 minutes on one hand.It is more convenient to handle each hand separately, of course, if you do not have an assistant who is ready to assist.