Perfume Christina Aguilera - everything you need for your femininity

few years ago, the famous Hollywood blonde Christina Aguilera presented to the buyers under its own brand perfumes.The actress and singer has not only worked on the design of the bottle, but also on the advertising campaign of their creations.

must say that Aguilera is not the only star who was engaged in the production of perfume.Until it is already done, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Justin Bieber.

rapid promotion of the product on the market has greatly contributed to its big name creator.However, a public relations company has also been very well organized.In addition, the perfume Christina Aguilera reviews from customers received the most enthusiastic.We have tried to make our readers an overview of flavors, in order to give them a complete picture of this perfume line.

Perfumes and toilet waters Red Sin, which means "red sin" affects primarily the elegance of design.Sophisticated and sexy at the same time a bottle, as if dressed in a cloud of lace.Complete the image of an elegant black bow

.According to the designer, red symbolizes passion, emotion and sensuality.These spirits of Christina Aguilera are those who are not accustomed to hide their sexuality.

The aroma collected in itself almost all known to mankind exciting notes.
Cinnamon, ginger, sandalwood and musk ideally shaded cyclamen and red apple.Smell Red Sin could not be more suited to cold time of year.In the fall, he will remind you of summer and winter warmth envelop.

Perfume Christina Aguilera Royal Desire (translated "Royal desire") have also been created with the direct participation of popular singers.However, the expected hit did not happen.The considerable cost, inflated claims, over-rich, viscous flavor and not too successful packaging ... perfume bottle decorated with pendants, and perfume for each of them are different.Its form resembles the silhouette of the luxury evening dresses, floral print but in this context, looks a little out of place.However, the perfume young admirers loved pop diva.More sophisticated ladies found it somewhat vulgar.

basis of smell - floral bouquet of lily, honeysuckle and roses.Base fragrance: musk, cedar and sandalwood.Head notes of blackberry and mandarin rustic look as perfume was created with pretensions to luxury.Heart spirits more like caramel syrup to the same flavor no effect loop which is necessary in the evening waters.However, as the day the perfume in the cold season
perfume Christina Aguilera "Royal desire" to be very helpful.If you are a fan of sweet powdery fragrance, this perfume water is sure to be in the collection.

Supplement line of fragrances oriental perfume Christina Aguilera Secret Potion ("secret potion").Bottle of perfume repeats his previous creations design stars.The same graceful female figure with steep hips suspension on the bottle neck.The fragrance belongs to the floral-oriental, although citrus notes are clearly present.Amber, ebony wood and tonka beans do smell sweet, but in the meantime, and very sensual.Especially extraordinary sounds blend of orange blossom and lotus.Perfume "secret potion" approach both to fans of floral scents and lovers of oriental scents.

original perfumes Christina Aguilera By Night caused a lot of controversy among fans of the brand.They smell affects an unusual combination of sweet and tart bitterness.

However, like most of the perfume products from Christina Aguilera, By Night is designed more for young ladies.At the disco, or a romantic date flavor will be very relevant.By the way, vanilla, which generously present in this perfume - a recognized aphrodisiac.So if you are dreaming of a night of passion, feel free to use By Night.