Elixir of youth - Dead Sea cosmetics.

Save and enhance its beauty and irresistible - it is a natural desire of every woman.The fair sex use different creams, masks, scrubs to prolong youthfulness of their skin, and a leading position among similar funds took cosmetics from the Dead Sea.Reviews that leave fans of cosmetics, they say that it truly works wonders.

mysterious phenomena of nature

Israeli Dead Sea, or, as it is called, lake.With this beautiful place in the world involves a lot of legends and myths.Someone thinks that it can not even swim, because it can "kill".In fact it is all human speculation, its name is obliged to sea a very high content of salt, which is why water can not exist living organisms.That is why it does not meet the fish and even algae.The Hebrew name of this huge body of water - Yam Ha chalks, which means "sea salt" in the Russian version of the same language caught on the Dead Sea.

wonderful power of water, mud and minerals from the Dead Lake has been known to mankind for many centuries ago.Ancient people

s used the resources of this reservoir for cosmetic and medicinal purposes.Israeli cosmetics Dead Sea was a favorite means of rejuvenation at the magnificent Queen Cleopatra.

elixir of eternal youth

What were the properties of Dead Sea cosmetics?Reviews you can hear it everywhere: in numerous magazines, newspapers and the Internet.At the heart of a variety of scrubs, gels, creams lies Dead Sea mud, has a powerful healing effect.

Even in ancient times it was observed that after application of therapeutic mud skin became purer, disappearing various sores and ulcers.Modern scientists have studied its composition and came to the conclusion that the elixir of eternal youth - not fiction.They can rightly be considered the Dead Sea cosmetics.Reviews of researchers formed the basis of numerous treatises and scholarly works on the subject.It is worth noting that the mud layer at the bottom of the reservoir reaches a hundred meters.

uniqueness of the mud from the Dead Lake is that it is a waste product of archaebacteria.There are only 11 species, they remain at the bottom since the birth of life on Earth.Mineral mud help combat the shortcomings of the skin, improve its appearance.Wraps with mud from the Dead Sea to help deal with such unpleasant phenomenon of cellulite.They contain microparticles removes dead epidermis and restore skin radiant look.Funds on the basis of mud from the Dead Lake is very effective, as well as the entire Israeli cosmetics, reviews of which are known throughout the world.

entire periodic table in one place

Many argue that the waters of the Dead Sea contains all the elements of the periodic table.Indeed, there is a high concentration of potassium, magnesium, bromine, chlorine, sulfur and other minerals.Because of this the salt from the bottom of the Dead Sea have a truly magical properties: improve the complexion, promote more intensive blood circulation, giving the skin firmness and elasticity.

Scrubs and masks made on the basis of minerals and mud from the Dead Sea, enriched with biologically active substances, organic and inorganic components, micro-and macro.In addition, they are very easy to apply on the skin and washed away, leaving no trace.

line of cosmetic products is very rich, here are presented the means to care for face, body and hair.With the ability to store liquid minerals from the Dead Sea are well moisturize the skin, strengthen hair structure, improve metabolism.

best gift for women on holiday, certainly will be the Dead Sea cosmetics, opinions about which are the best of its advertising.