Salvador Dali Perfume for women and men

surrealist painter Salvador Dalí engaged in the art of perfumery is already in his declining years.The experience inspired a famous person most talented people in the creation of these exquisite things that cry out for generations.Dali in 1981 accepted an offer from an almost unknown perfumer to participate in drafting the perfume line "Salvador Dali".

perfume Salvador Dali exhibit unusual floral-oriental fragrance.History of perfume began with the painting - a masterpiece "The phenomenon of the face of Aphrodite of Cnidus in a landscape."Image of a woman was borrowed for the manufacture of perfume bottle and packaging (nose and lips of Aphrodite).The basis of the range of the flavor of rose and jasmine.The first batch of spirits, released in sale, sold out instantly.Those wishing to purchase products in an exclusive crystal bottle was more than quantity.

«tasting» perfume Salvador Dali at least once - the aroma will never forget.Perfume is very durable, unique and unobtrusive scent.They are impreg

nated with all the clothes.Aromas of rose and jasmine dynamically intertwined with each other, combining well.Amber and musk give a woman attractiveness and uniqueness.Men can only draw one smell.Best of all perfumes Salvador Dali for women to use in the evening and during the cold season.The scent of perfume perfectly complements the chic evening dress with expensive jewelry.

One of the most popular and favorite fragrances for women are the spirits of Salvador Dali (black lip).They contain a multi-faceted, rich, lasting fragrance that train reaches for his owner.Even an empty bottle for a long time keeps the "color".The peculiarity of these spirits that first felt the breath of flowers of tansy.Further, "there is" a bouquet of yellow daffodils, replaced smells of fruit, vanilla, caramel and coffee.Perfumes Salvador Dali - is an art comparable with painting.

Admirers of surrealist artist Salvador Dali could feel the fragrance for men in the second half of the twentieth century.After the death of the great creator, his companion continued creation of incredible fragrances - perfume Salvador Dali.Reviews holders of unique bottles testify not only to the luxury of the smell, but also the spectacular design of the package.The box and bottle of male perfume in the form of the famous Dali brooch.The exterior design allows the use of perfume products as an excellent gift.

Every self-respecting man should own style.He is trying to emphasize its uniqueness and originality.For those who wish to be in the spotlight, developed bright composition Salvador Dali "Black Sun".Unique flavor and gives a fascinating elegance.For the packaging design of the bottle was designed by black rectangular with a spectacular design.At the heart of the fragrance lies a universal wood composition.So perfume can be used at any time of the year.

perfume Salvador Dali "Black Sun" Men have a good resistance.Clothing stores the scent even after washing.Droplets deposited on the skin for a long time does not lose flavor.Such spirits are suitable for self-confident men who strive to achieve the target.Fresh breath of loop perfectly complements the perfect look of the owner spirits, it gives confidence in its beauty, apart from the crowd.

Products Dali (perfume, toilet water) are commercially available.Buy it can be anyone.Available in various perfume packaging and packaging.

very relevant phrase that expressed the perfumer Jacques Polzh: "Dress - is the exterior decoration, and spirits - the internal dimension of the feminine."The statement can be paraphrased and men.