What is BB cream: reviews and a brief history of the origin of

many special advanced ladies have long been successfully used in such cosmetic products as a BB cream.Comments about this product variety.This is not surprising, because these creams are available a variety of firms, and the skin on each of them reacts differently.What is this miracle remedy is and where it came from?

Most believe that BB cream - it is the handiwork of the Asian (especially Korean) cosmetologists, because it is in the vast Asia, they are most popular and are considered the best among the analogs, produced in other countries.However, this is not entirely true: BB cream was originally developed by German specialists for patients plastic surgery clinics.It was therapeutic masking agents (BB - Blemish Balm, which can be interpreted as the "balm of deficiencies").They were used to cover up the traces of all kinds of procedures, such as deep peels, and plastic surgery.This product was designed to prompt healing and recovery of damaged tissues.It was also observed that BB cream, which left n

o reviews about people with acne, even successfully coped with the problem of pimples and blackheads.It's taken note of Korean beauticians and only "finalized" the finished product: they increased the number of useful components, add the ingredients for rejuvenation, toning and protection against solar radiation, with the result that there was something that we can now see on the shelves of cosmetics stores.

So, what do we get along with the BB cream?According to the label, one tube of the tool is able to replace six cans of other products.Consider more closely the action BB cream:

  • hydration (replaces the usual cream or lotion);
  • alignment of the relief of the skin (replaces a foundation);
  • smoothing (replaces the foundation);
  • masking skin defects (instead of concealer or corrector);
  • protection from harmful solar radiation (sunblock);
  • treatment of inflammation and pimples or elimination of wrinkles (anti-aging and replacement of special antiugrevyh funds).

But as a true Korean product is quite difficult to find in stores, many use analogues.For example, one of the most popular - a BB cream Garnier.Reviews of it very contradictory.Some argue that this product is well mattes, but it does not mask defects.Others completely opposite view.Those who approached the cream, is recommended after application to wait a bit when the means is absorbed into the skin, will not greasy, and the shade of the face will be more uniform.Also, some girls using BB cream Garnier, to achieve the desired effect is applied to these things means twice (second layer - after the first full absorption).They say, very helpful.

But, of course, most of all a novelty glad to girls who are tired of spending a lot of time giving your skin freshness and radiance with the help of the masses of various tools.In addition, BB cream, which reviews yet more positive than negative, can be applied even without the use of mirrors, that is, as usual cream.Some forums girls even post their photos: before applying the BB cream and after.It should be noted that the effect is still evident.Of course, all the pimples and blackheads he did not zamazhet as tonalnik, but the complexion becomes much smoother.In addition, none of BB cream, reviews of which are so diverse, does not create a sense of masks, even though the most dense texture.This is important, because the skin needs to breathe.

Regarding the washing of the tool, it is advisable for this purpose to use a hydrophilic oil first, and only then soap or facial wash.It is necessary for a thorough and deep cleansing of the skin cream.