Dior Mascara: interesting facts and methods of application

rare to see on the street a girl who does not use make-up.Tool that can help improve the appearance, is a mascara.And it is absolutely unimportant, evening or daytime makeup is saturated or natural.Eyes - the mirror of the soul, and that the mirror was the most attractive, it should have a beautiful design.Dior Mascara able to give your lashes a beautiful view.

The main feature of this mascara is that it has a zig-zag shape of the brush, thereby cilia stained very carefully.For a good makeup is a cosmetic is ideal - the eyes seem very expressive and attractive.Two of the most leading carcasses presented trademark Dior: Diorshow Iconic and Diorshow Black Out.

Mascara Dior Show Iconic paints over eyelashes quite thickly and evenly.When evening eye makeup remover remain completely clean.Shelf life cosmetic stands well and has no property to dry up ahead of time.

Dior Black Out Mascara applied to simple movements, during which not showered.During the day the vehicle is kept on the eyelashes without

forming lumps and pellets,.The tip of the brush - rounded, thereby staining occurs some remote places.

mascara Dior has numerous customer reviews, most of which are positive.After all, it not only gives lashes extra thickness, but also significantly lengthens them.The end result will look like thin cilia at the tip and at the roots - a thickening.Positive aspects of the use of mascara Dior:

- no lumps and shedding;

- neat natural makeup;

- lengthening eyelashes and pleasant aroma of cosmetic products.

way, Dior mascara is often at the center of scandals.An ardent rival fashion house - brand L'oreal - sued the cosmetic for eyelashes brand Dior.In advertising, the new mascara Dior Show New Look (the person that was Natalie Portman) lashes models have been increased in an unnatural way, as suggested by the applicant company.This was followed by a lot of tests and inspections, which found that, indeed, the volume of the cilia of the actress was raised by a computer program PhotoShop.Of course, opinions of experts are divided about this scandal.

There are negative reviews of the facility.Perhaps as much dissatisfaction with the end result when using mascara express those girls who do not know how to paint it.Application techniques such makeup there are many, here are some of them:

  1. Technique blinking.Brush with ink should be kept motionless, as close to the lashes.Intensively blinked, that your cilia themselves were stained.The balance will remain a small amount of mascara and makeup will not seem "heavy".
  2. horizontal machines.This method of painting is suitable for longer eyelashes, the nature of which look thin and weak.The balance is sufficient amount of mascara to give your eyes a long-awaited volume.
  3. Technique prokraski corners.For the most accurate application of mascara to cilia using the narrow brush.For good results, you can use rubber or well bendable brush.

important to know that for best effect, you can paint over the eyes of a few layers of mascara.The first layer will be strengthened, but the next will be to significantly increase the volume of eyelashes.If you use cheap makeup for the eye after a double application possible shedding and clumping.If you use quality tools such as Dior mascara, some problems can be avoided.Popular carcasses of this brand: Diorshow Iconic, Diorshow Black Out, Diorshow New Look, Diorshow Mascara, Diorshow Extase, Diorshow Unlimied, Diorshow Maximized.