La Perla - perfume for refined ladies

Products of famous Italian brand La Perla - perfume, characterized by exquisite flavors.The brand produces a lot of variety of flavors that are suitable for both mature and elegant women and young girls.La Perla - spirits that go out of fashion, but remain a classic perfume.Although the brand has been producing perfumes for a brief period (of 25 years), its fragrance loved by women all over the world.She became a model of glamor and luxury.La Perla - perfume, carrying the beauty and sensual femininity.There are many different flavors, but all of them have in common is that they emphasize the individuality and femininity of women.Spirits La Perla are designed for those who know how to live and enjoy life.Among the many flavors of special popularity are among the most recent:

- «In Rosa» combines bright fruity and feminine floral notes.This fragrance will enjoy a free, sensual and bright girls coquetry and conquest of loving men.The main emphasis of this perfume - spontaneity, ease, sincerity and unobt

rusive elegance.It intoxicates the initial notes of raspberry juicy and sweet pears.Heart notes include the aroma of pink pepper, rose, cyclamen and violet.The composition completes the sensual amber, patchouli and sandalwood.This perfume belongs to a group chypre-fruit spirits.

- «J'AIME» - exquisitely feminine, glamorous fragrance that reveals your soul sophisticated floral bouquet and sensual chypre fragrance.Top notes: pepper, lychee, fresh bergamot.Heart note: Egyptian jasmine, juicy raspberry and delicate water lilies.Final notes reveal all the sensuality of the fragrance.They warm caramel and musk accents harmoniously blended with overwhelming femininity amber and patchouli.

- «Jaim Les Fleurs» - a new perfume, which is sent to all the fragrant message of love and sensuality.The owner of this aroma is irresistible to everyone.The perfume combines top floral (freesia, violets) and fruity notes (apple, grapefruit), with an average of notes of peony, hyacinth, flowers, hawthorn and peach, as well as the trailing sandalwood, musk and amber.This combination of scents emphasize the uniqueness and gentle radiance of every woman.The harmonious combination of notes of sandalwood, musk and amber form the basis of flavor.These, combined with the average floral notes, led to the creation of a new generation of perfume (sensual floral).

- «Divina» - unique aroma seductive, beautiful woman, modern and divinely sensual.This elegant lady leaves a trail of desire, and at the same time combines the boldness of innocence and seductive.«Divina» La Perla - the spirits that embody vitality and youth.This perfume is a fruity-floral fragrance.Its top notes of manifests smell of citrus, sweet pears, wild strawberries and sparkling champagne.Its middle notes are made up of a bouquet of roses, orange blossom and water jasmine.Rounding out this wonderful aroma of warm and sensual notes of vanilla and musk, combined with the bark of white wood and amber.

- «Charme» - laid-back, extremely feminine perfume.It combines the elegance and refinement.Suitable romantic and sensual women.The initial note felt flavors of black currant, bergamot and lotus.Heart notes include rose, jasmine, datura, cedar and sambac, and end - vanilla, amber and musk.

La Perla - spirits, opens its best features (like pearls in contact with the warm human skin).Buy these flavors can be in boutiques and in reputable stores.Admirers of these products are ladies such as Brigitte Bardot, Penelope Cruz, Sophia Loren.

Recently, this brand has released several men's fragrances: «Gringio Perla», «Essence», «Hedo White».These fragrances are designed for a respectable, elegant and relaxed men.La Perla - spirits, showing the style and taste of their owner.