The Pampered Eyelashes Kareprost Or why do we need?

Today no surprise wealth of eyelash on the shelves of supermarkets and beauty salons.But which of these tools can really help to grow eyelashes, and which are just beautiful packaging?On this question the answer is quite easy.Also, do not forget about the traditional methods of eyelash extensions, eyelash dyeing, in the end, on the false eyelashes.So, what are we to believe?

begin with eyelash.Today there are many options for eyelash: mink, sable, poresnichnoe ... But what is seditious in all these methods is why today more and more women refuse this procedure?Firstly, it is very difficult to find a really good master, efficiently ramping up lashes.Besides correction eyelash extensions (at least once every two weeks), no one entices.To the bitter regret of all who have tried to build, it is the fact that after the removal of building your own eyelashes become lifeless and his eyes seemingly become completely "naked."

Eyebrows tinting also does not give a lot of joy - the paint often causes allergic

reactions (after all, chemistry), the paint quickly slazit, repeated staining rather quickly lead to an acceleration of sensitization of the conjunctiva.

eyelashes, with very few exceptions, looks cheap.And that, perhaps, can be attributed to fading interest of clients in recent years for this type of cosmetic tricks.

Today in the world there are many tools for the growth of eyelashes, which are widely recognized.Among them, - means comprising basically prostaglandins, which are signaling molecules lash.The most active in relation to the growth of eyelashes is recognized as bimatoprost, which is the active substance such means as Kareprost, Latiss, karelash.Today I would like to talk about the means to lash bimatoprost based on the example of the well-known Russian woman of Indian drug Kareprost.Kareprost - a unique tool for the growth of eyelashes, containing a pure bimatoprost, non-hormonally active drug, 100% extracted from marine coral.

Kareprost was tested by the American company Allegran, according to which after 16 weeks of daily use Kareprosta, the absolute majority of women lashes become an average of 100% thick, 30% longer and 25% darker.Use Kareprost quite simple - every night before going to bed one drop of solution is applied to the applicator, which is held on the inner edge of the eyelid to the outer.Side effects of the drug is virtually.

Thus, today in the world there are a large amount of funds for the eyelashes, the choice is, of course, is always for the buyer.