Age Renew from the 'Max Factor': foundation, masking wrinkles

Among the many such inviting jars and tubes with cosmetics, with which lined with mirrored windows of shops, very difficult to choose the perfect suitable to you.Especially it concerns the choice of foundation, which first need to choose the right shade, combined with the color of your skin.Very much in demand in the cosmetic market enjoys brand "Max Factor" foundation which Age Renew (Age RENEW) - a real favorite among the girls of 25 years old.However, this means there were also some myths, and it's true or not, try to figure out right now.

So most popular myth of this "Tonalka" says that it is best to start using that wrinkle the skin sample will be nowhere to put.Ostensibly, the later the better.We hasten to disappoint those who think so.In fact, Age Renew from the "Max Factor" - foundation, which does not fight wrinkles.It is designed only to disguise them.After all, what is the aging of the skin?This is the process by which it gradually dries and loses elasticity and moisture.For this reason the

skin prone to fat, wrinkles appear later than on the skin exposed to the nature of the excessive dryness.And that's why every cream, including tone, dry skin is to moisturize well, in order to preserve her youth as long as possible.A Age Renew from the "Max Factor" - foundation, one of whose purpose - moisturize the skin.Therefore, beauticians recommend that even if you're only 18 years old, but the skin is too dry - you can safely use this tool.

next myth is that this cream supposedly addictive.But perhaps some simply confuse anti-aging cream and lifting.Last may, and it can cause, although it is unlikely anyone will confuse, because the cream with lifting effect still cheaper and safer lifting this.A Age Renew from the "Max Factor" - foundation, which only prevents, delays the appearance of wrinkles.

third tale in this is the lack of means of solar filters.This is not true: the cream contains SPF 10, and this should be quite enough without the additional application of sunscreen ingredients.An exception can only make your desire to go to the beach, but there is foundation is unlikely to be appropriate.

And what say the girls, at least just use concealer "Max Factor"?Reviews of Age Renew facility show that it is indeed a very good thing that should be in the arsenal of women who are used to take care of yourself and your skin.Most of the girls have appreciated not only the convenience of the bottle to the dispenser, but also the quality of its contents.The cream goes very well on the skin, evenly distributed over its surface.Feelings mask causes through light texture.Very good masking and rejuvenating abilities: hide fine lines and pigmentation of the skin after application looks smooth and even, with a beautiful tone.The pores are not clogged, and the smell is very nice.

If we talk about the negative aspects of Age Renew "Max Factor", concealer reviews of this nature almost exclude.This "almost", according to buyers, is that this tool is not very well kept on oily skin.Covers and disguises good, but because of the skin secretions tends to flow through for a while.So if you decide to purchase this product, please note this important point.The rest of the active cream enriched green tea extract and vitamin B3, combats causes aging of the skin, deducing from it the free radicals, but also at cellular level promotes its renewal.It contains reflective mikrochastichki and quartz, so that the skin surface is leveled and matting.