Garden wooden swing for the garden: Equips recreation area right

Making landscape of a country house - a very exciting process, especially if the size of the plot allows to equip a complete vacation destination.Pergolas, various decorations in the form of flower beds and rock gardens, as well as garden wooden swing - all in combination and creates a cosiness and harmony.

can buy ...

Swings to give you can just buy, good selection of these designs represented a very wide.For example, timeless classics are considered garden wooden swing Villa.Their feature - the convenience and comfort, and they perfectly fit into any interior garden.These swing - the perfect tool to relax and forget about problems.They are convenient to swing for adults and children, because the seat itself is equipped with excellent and wide backrest.Top swings covered with an awning that protects from sun and rain.The cost of this product is from 16,000 rubles.

Make outdoor recreation useful and pleasant help and garden wooden swing brand Olivia.They are distinguished by the perfection of

the design, they can be decorated with soft pillows and stay with the maximum convenience, even for sleep.The popularity of the model due to its convenience and comfort, in addition, it can be covered with a special protective waterproof cover.However, for such swings will have to pay about 25,000 rubles.

... and you can build

To build a wooden garden swing with your hands, just to be able to deal with carpentry tools.Usually, their design is quite simple, so expect to load on it is not necessary.It is important to stand up and swing the main load, and lateral, which occurs during the rocking seats.To swing did not exist at the time of movement, the top corners must be fitted with braces, through which initial support will be stronger.For the manufacture of wooden swing only use bolted connections, since under the influence of dynamic loads they will wobble and become loose, and no powerful screw in such critical areas simply do not survive.

The technology of manufacturing the swing comes down to burying two wooden poles to a depth of 100 cm, are placed on top of the horizontal pipe.This structure is attached directly to the seat.If you are under a canopy swing, it is chosen as a rule, the most simple, easily erected.Of course, home-made design is very laconic, but the finished product is often equipped with armrests, mattresses, damping system.

is important to garden wooden swing were oshlifovany as to drive a thorn in the untreated wood is very simple.As for the suspension, it is possible to use a rope or chain.It is sure to equip the bench backrest, which will provide additional protection during rocking.But the design of the swing and the design features may vary.

ergonomics, convenience, comfort, ease of constructive solutions, functionality and safety - all this characterizes the wooden garden swing.Photo shows the diversity of the models on the market today, and it says that the construction of a pick style decision of its suburban area will be fairly simple.