The lessons of economics: how to clean the Burnt pan

Even the most experienced hostess, sometimes, embarrassments happen when inadvertently reason or another undercooked food.Sometimes the trouble can be corrected by adding more spices.Sometimes - not.But in any case then have to deal with spoiled dishes.

Struggling with soot

So, if the trouble has already occurred, how to clean Burnt pan?Of course, now a lot of diverse household chemicals, including very aggressive.Using it is fairly easy to put things in order.And if there is anything suitable on hand?Then you need to remember my mother's and grandmother's proven methods.After all, they knew very well how to clean the Burnt pan, from whatever material it may be done.

  • Do not rush just something to rub the dishes - just leave to cool down the sides and bottom.Then fill with hot water and detergent available and let an hour or two will stand.Then try a sponge to wipe the hard side.Everything happened - excellent, again, rinse and thoroughly rinse the dishes.
  • Alternatively, pour ¼ of a glass ordi
    nary baking soda.Add a solution of hydrogen peroxide (available at pharmacies).You will have a pasty substance.Put it on the soiled place.Then wipe with a sponge or cloth.Now that you know how to clean the Burnt pan, not only from the remnants of spoiled food, but also on greasy stains, divorces and so on. D. The obvious advantage of this method - the absence of any unknown chemicals.
  • usual stationery (paper) glue and soap - is another excellent alternative to all sorts of «Fairy» and «Bingo».Digestion in the mixture returns to her dishes perfect condition.How to clean the Burnt pan, and the pan. Thus?In a large bucket of water to boil, pour a bottle or two of glue (standard 100-gram), and add finely planed piece of economic (it is called washing) soap.Stick stir everything, and when the image of lush cap of foam lay pans, irons, pots and lids.Pail cover, reduce the fire to medium and let cooked dishes an hour and a half.Then it is necessary to remove and rinse well under hot running water and rinse with cold.Take the method adopted, if in doubt, how to clean baked-enamel pot or stainless steel bowl.It works perfectly with any material.And the solution is cool, put somewhere on the balcony, and a few more times, if necessary, for the purpose intended.
  • Gar and any dirt will depart fine, colored and white enamel shine like brand new, cast iron and stainless steel will get its original form if to clean them as follows: in hot water pour in white (for 1 liter - 200-250 g), and stirpour into a bowl needs to be cleaned.Put on the gas and boil a little bit.Then wash thoroughly, pour clean water and boil again to boil chlorine residues.Here's how to clear the burnt bottom of the pot or other container.
  • And finally, the most basic way: to make brine, fill up soda, pour into a saucepan and boil.Boil for about 40 minutes and let stand up half a day.After this procedure, any plaque and Nagar depart without effort.Or pour the stain generously same table salt, let stand for a few hours and rinse!

These little tricks will help you, dear hostess, keep your kitchen, and all in perfect condition.