How to choose a backpack for a first grader

"For the first time - first class!"This is a very important and exciting event for the child, so your task - to properly assemble it in school.But the main thing for the person who was first sent to study?Of course, a portfolio.Satchel for first-graders must meet many criteria, and therefore his choice should be approached responsibly and, of course, in advance.Your child has matured, and now instead of soft toys, which he was carrying with him in kindergarten, he will have to carry heavy books and notebooks.

Best backpack for first-graders must meet the following requirements:

  1. empty weight of the portfolio should not exceed 900 This criterion is very important because even if an empty backpack will be difficult for the child, along with the books it is simply impossible to raise.Moreover, there are European standards, which filled bag must weigh no more than 10% of the body weight of the child.Considering that the baby walking to the first class, weighing an average of 20 to 30 kg, the load on the
    back should be about 2-3 kg.So pack light for a first grader to be initially, before filling it with school supplies.
  2. as the material of which must be crosslinked portfolio is better to choose polyester.It is durable, waterproof, wear-resistant, fade-resistant and normally carries the wash.Cloth pack for the first grader vymoknet during the first weather and quickly lose their shape.
  3. Note the hardware pack.Zippers should be broad, and the dog - big.For a child to be easy to open and close his briefcase.
  4. Satchel for a first grader to be a hard bottom.Otherwise, the book placed in it, will delay the backpack down, thus creating a huge strain on the back of your child.
  5. backrest backpack should be orthopedic anatomy back and repeat your little schoolboy.This will keep the child's posture, and will not cause discomfort when wearing a heavy backpack.
  6. backpack straps - it is also a very important point that you should pay attention to when choosing.They must be sufficiently broad and soft, to avoid digging into the shoulders of the child.It is better if they are lined with a special, which will reduce the pressure loss.

good satchel for a first grader will certainly be provided with and additional features that are not less important for daily use:

  • upper handle should be made so as to carry a briefcase was uncomfortable - this is another reason to put on a backpackon the shoulders;
  • surface is provided with a portfolio of reflective elements, which is a necessary attribute in the dark;
  • backpack straps should be easily regulated, and they should be provided with soft inserts;
  • portfolio should have some internal divisions, to a first grader could neatly notebooks and textbooks.Outside must be placed extra pocket in which the child put the container with breakfast.

Remember that you need to choose a backpack with only child.So you can choose the right size and the coloring that will appeal to him.