Chronograph in hours - it is a necessity or a fad?

choosing a watch, you probably noticed that many of the models have a built-in chronograph.They are popular for both men and women.For those who are wondering about why hours chronograph our article.

Translated from the Greek "chronograph" means "record time."This is an optional feature.That is, simply put, the chronograph hours - a kind of stopwatch.

history of creating such devices begins in the 19th century in France.The man with the surname Ryussek received a patent for the invention of the chronograph.In the early 20th century, time meter, issued in the form of a wristwatch, it is desirable acquisition.Since the popularity of these devices is increasing.Today chronograph - a sign of good taste of its owner.Typically, the stopwatch is placed in a mechanical watch.

In some models, several hours chronographs.They measure time in different units.For example, in seconds or minutes to hours and minutes.Accordingly, they need a few buttons.Simple "Kampmann" have a single button.When you click on i

t once the countdown begins.The second time - is stopped.A third press resets the chronograph.

The hours are summing integrated chronograph with two buttons.One of them provides start and stop the device, and all readings are added together, and the second function is reset to zero.

There timers with two arrows, each of which monitors one event.Such models require the equipment of the three buttons.Two of them stopped each his arrow, and resets the third reading.

Some watches the dial is integrated with the current date and day of the week.Accessories such information and several chronographs - this is a very clever device, which labored to create a team of engineers.This explains the rather high price for such a model.Agree, it is difficult to combine into one multiple devices.The clock must show the current time and date and chronograph - to engage in measurements.

Chronograph hours - it is very convenient for people in certain occupations.Of course, the athletes.Who, if not him, it is important to consider the time to the nearest second.For those sports chronograph watches - is a reliable way to measure the speed and duration of the exercise.Such models are also in demand among the people of the military profession.For them it was created chronographs that measure distance.Especially for physicians was devised a scale for measuring pressure and pulse.

the features required and the clock and mathematics.The logarithmic scale has been gladly accepted by the people of scientific work.

Chronograph hours - a good assistant for those who like to be late.With the help of the meter you can see exactly how long are the fees and the way that the next time before an important meeting to make time to spare.

watch with chronograph - is not only an attribute of successful business men and women, but also a good idea for a gift.Fortunately, today, these models represented a lot of accessories.Very popular clocks "Casio" men.Chronograph they emphasize punctuality and attitude of the business owner.Electronic Watch this Japanese brand became known in the middle of the last century.Their distinctive features are shockproof and moisture-proof mechanisms, various additional devices: timers, barometers, thermometers, pedometers and the like.The range is constantly updated and improved.