Piggy bank to help get rich paper money

At all times it was believed that the man is not the rich who earn a lot of money, but the one who spends their money sparingly.Lean need to teach and learn, as well as all life skills.One of the assistants in the piggy bank can become.So today coins a lot of money do not gather the most relevant for the piggy bank paper money.It differs in a long slit to note crawled easily.

have such a thing in the house - it is a custom that originated in Russia.Then each family member had his own piggy bank, where the penny was postponed on certain days of the week.On the eve of New Year's savings were extracted and compared.Those who were more of them all, was called "a gentleman."Most often it was a child, because adult forgotten penny postponed due to employment.Since the beginning of renewed accumulation.

tradition of saving money there and in Asia.In Eastern nations this process is closely related to religion.Delaying the money is considered to be a sacrifice to the gods.About piggy composed of many prov

erbs in which people can be traced reverent attitude to such things.So, if you piggy bank for paper money is cracked, it is believed that this crack in the family budget.If the vessel to raise funds suddenly broken, the next year will be extremely difficult financially.

from Asia come produce custom piggy bank in the form of animals.This may be a cat, an owl, a bear, and the most popular - the pig.It is believed that each animal carries its own meaning.So, if you piggy bank for paper money is made in the form of an owl, the deferred money will give them the wisdom of the host.Cat will help in making friends, and teaches his tricks manager.Pig will increase wealth, and the dog will help protect it from intruders.It is believed that you need to start saving money on the growing moon.

Money Box can be purchased at any souvenir shop.By the way, this is a great gift idea.The material from which they are manufactured - porcelain Polistoun, plastic, plastic, gypsum.

How to pull money out of a piggy bank?It is not necessary to break it.Today, these items are equipped with a rubber stopper placed in the bottom.It is better to choose a medium-sized thing.Most piggy bank paper money to completely useless.After all, store all their savings at home is not safe, it is best to refer them to the bank.And it is desirable to accumulate small amounts and spend them for the soul.For example, on a trip to the recreation center, the purchase of books or music player.

Esoteric advised to treat their income with great attention.We must regularly keep a piggy bank in hand and present it filled, followed by visualizing what you want to spend it.But not only for the piggy bank paper money will multiply wealth.Purse - also storage.It is always recommended to keep it large bills.Well, if the wallet is red.It is believed that this color attracts money.Advice from psychologists - to become rich, you need to behave as they do.Imagine that you have a lot of money, you buy them whatever they want.But do not forget to notice the opportunities that at the same time will offer you a life.