Talking Doll: girlfriend for a little daughter

dolls were companion of man since time immemorial: they were found during excavations in the places of residence of the ancient civilizations and peoples.Little People, or small animals made in the likeness of his living with the help of the inverse images of fantasy and the creator of miniatures.They received "roles" in the scene, have been the main character in the book and experience of its creators.

"Revive" creation

Puppet Masters of many times attempted to revive his creations, give them the "mind", to ensure that they were talking, singing or dancing.The famous Thomas Edison (the one who invented the light bulb) decided that talking doll - this is what buyers are looking forward to and a lot of work on the creation of such a puppet.

Unfortunately, a unique project of Thomas, which he began with such success, failed miserably because of the fragility of serial products.And "nagovorenny" wax-carrier text was short-lived, it did not suit the buyers.It has survived a record songs, which are pe

rformed by Edison's talking doll.

modern puppet rich industry such as inventions, especially since the latest, including computer technology make it possible to create the incredible complexity of the mechanisms.Nobody will be surprised when talking doll clearly and distinctly says, "Dad," "Mom," "play with me".They "learned" not only talk, but also to express emotions: laughing, crying, kissing.

modern doll can be a real friend and teacher for children: telling stories, exciting stories to teach a foreign language, and more."Catching up" with the toy, the child learns to speak properly, build proposals replenish your vocabulary.The best part is that the software embedded in the product, you can replace, complement and even choose at its discretion necessary for the child's puppet repertoire.

How to choose a toy

If a child is interested in talking doll, and parents are willing to buy it, they should pay attention to the following factors:

  • sex of the child;
  • age;
  • hobbies.

These parameters mothers and fathers easier to determine what needs to be built in the toy: vocabulary, functionality, compliance with preferences of the child.This can be a big talking doll or baby doll myagkonabivnoy.The girl will certainly enjoy the small size pupsik she can swaddle, put to bed, feed, give a pacifier and listen as he laughs and mutters.Voice toys can be deactivated at any time.

little daughter certainly be glad when the birthday in a beautiful package it will wait for a surprise: a doll that walks and talks in Russian and in English.Now the girl, imitating her mother will take care of a new friend: it can be put on display and the hand for a walk.Names dolls can be varied as their appearance and growth.They work on batteries: finger or small "tablets" (for watches).

Let your daughter know that she has a loyal friend of the toy.