It is necessary to know all mothers: do what vaccinations your child up to a year?

vaccinate or not to vaccinate their children?This issue is important for young mothers.There are many supporters of both vaccination and opponents of preventive practices.And do not always have a newly-made mother to turn to for advice in this matter.Let's talk about what vaccinations your child make up to a year in Russia.

immediately be clarified: the number and range of vaccines is always at the discretion of the mother.It may refuse the vaccinations, which are incorporated in the schedule of the Ministry of Health for the period of the first year of life.What are these types of vaccination?

Everyone knows that vaccination is an introduction to the human body weakened viruses, dead bacteria or proteins to produce immunity to the effects of such microorganisms.As a result, a person receives immunity to diseases spread this virus.Why, then, there are opponents of this method of saving the nation's health?The fact that such manipulation is not as harmless as it seems at first glance.Each type of va

ccination, there are side effects - fever, fatigue, and in severe cases - allergic reactions, up to angioedema.In addition, parents are afraid of improper storage of vaccines as a preservative because some types contain toxic thimerosal is harmful to the child.

What is the schedule of vaccination of children under one year?In our country, in the very first place, still in the hospital, it carried out vaccination against tuberculosis.BCG vaccine is administered child on the third day of life, and that of this vaccine to give, certainly not worth it.The fact is that throughout the world this vaccine is not part of the mandatory, but in Russia there was a very difficult situation with the incidence of tuberculosis, and a newborn baby can easily get the disease even in the street.

Besides BCG, do what vaccinations your child up to a year?Another "roddomovskoy" is a vaccination against hepatitis B. It is also carried out to extract the baby from the mother of the walls of the maternity hospital, usually in the first 24 hours of baby's life.As doctors say, this vaccine should do first the children, whose families there are people who suffer from this disease, as well as those living in disadvantaged areas and disadvantaged social conditions.Repeatedly, this vaccine is administered to children in the clinic at the age of one month, and then - in 2 months.Sometimes revaccination against hepatitis B is carried out in six months.

After reaching the baby is three months old pediatrician assigns a set of vaccines at once.What immunizations do the child up to a year at this stage?Necessarily measles, rubella, whooping cough, tetanus and diphtheria - at such a tender age such diseases could significantly undermine the health of the child, and therefore doctors recommend it safe.They were then repeated in 4.5 and 6 months.Those kids who are at risk, that is born with hematologic malignancies, anatomic defects who had undergone therapy that suppresses the immune system, and born to HIV-infected mothers, compulsory immunization against Hib.At the moment, the Ministry of Health is considering a project for the introduction of the vaccine into the category of mandatory, but as long as it is not compulsory.

But vaccinations your child has a 1-year fix previously obtained immunity.At this age, re-vaccinated against measles, rubella, mumps, and make a fourth vaccine against hepatitis B. Thus, knowing what vaccinations your child make up to a year, moms can do to adjust the calendar for your baby's needs of each particular family, dependingthe conditions of residence.