How to choose an evening dress - perfect tips

Probably every modern woman loves to attend the party, but this technique must be properly prepared.But, of course, how to do without here beautiful evening dresses which can then be proud pacing on the heels short mincing steps, tinkle earrings, a glance from under the fluffy eyelashes - so every woman wants to look.

So now gradually move on to the tips that will help buy an evening dress and be the most unique

  1. The first thing you need to pay attention, it's the fabric.By the way, the fabric to be expensive, high-quality and, of course, gorgeous to look not just worse than others.
  2. most important thing - the dress should be exactly the figure.
  3. lack of fantasy and banality.This item would be desirable to start with the fact that too many women, regardless of shape and age, very much want to look like a bride the Duchess: luxuriant dress to the floor, the tiara on his head, and, of course, the neckline.It should be noted that not every girl will approach a deep neckline or a long incision in the
    leg.Therefore, in this case, it is best to emphasize the dignity of others, for example, a thin waist, beautiful shoulders than to expose all their weaknesses to show that and want to discuss girlfriends.
  4. color fabric.If you believe the statistics, most of the ladies prefer to dress spinning black, red and gold colors.Note: do not buy too bright pink dress, even if it is beautifully embroidered with sequins, beads, because the part of a lady looks like a real Firebird.By the way, some women like it because, in a way they are trying to attract unwanted attention.
  5. range of accessories.In the event that for evening dress to wear gloves, you must first become familiar with this rule: the shorter the sleeves the longer the gloves should be.There is also need to note the following element: on the evening receptions are not recommended to wear a chur a lot of jewelry, as well as abuse deodorants and perfumes.Shoes and bag must fit together as precisely as possible.
  6. Choice underwear should be carried out as follows: a bra is best to buy the usual form and less foam, because it will slightly compress the breast and panties should be the color of dress, so as not to stand out.
  7. tights.It is worth noting the only and most important rule: Pantyhose should only be transparent, but not the kind with embossed lettering, because it's not very nice.
  8. dim / bright makeup, hairstyle.Here you need to specify only a single rule.In that case, if the toilet is bright and extravagant, then the hair and makeup should be a little easier, and vice versa.

Now you can go to the store to buy an evening dress.