Faithful and loyal Samoyed husky

How many words said to the man of devotion and loyalty of this dog!She really deserves the title of his friend.Quite often, the dog saves man from death, and he pays the faithful animal gratitude and sincere love.

oldest northern breed dogs had a strange nickname Samoyed, as has always lived in seclusion, but with a man.The peoples of the North since time immemorial used Spitz-like husky (Samoyed) as an unrivaled hunter bear and walrus, reindeer and beautiful guards as draft power transport.

It should be noted that the Samoyed Husky belongs to a small group of animals that did not affect the intervention of science and breeders.It still exists in its original form.Samoyed Husky is different from the other animals of the family of restraint and extraordinary beauty.It can not be something to scare the animal is extremely sensitive are always on the alert.She loves to play with children.Accustomed to survive on their own.

Despite a strong sense of independence, the animal is infinitely devoted to hi

s master.It has a cheerful and open-minded - it is the most friendly and playful member of the family of huskies.Amazingly, this dog has never shown aggression or panic, so it is successfully used to guard and patrol services.As practice shows, this dog is deprived of the natural hunting instincts.

In Russia, however, both home and abroad, Samoyed Husky is considered very rare and strange breed.Today, dog handlers share rare animals into two categories: the wolf (elongated) and bearish (large).Wolf subspecies has an elongated and narrow body.The head is also slightly stretched.Representatives bear subspecies are more compact and powerful body, a short snout and wide skull.The height of the dog at the withers - no more than 57 centimeters, and the bitch is not more than 53 centimeters.

Samoyed Laika has a soft and thick woolen cover, which protects it from the cold, snow and rain.It has several different kinds of hair, so very fluffy and heavy.The undercoat is short and dense.Males in the area of ​​the neck there is a strong collar.The standard is considered to be snow-white color, sometimes pale golden, pale yellow or cream spots.The lips, nose and eyelids are always black.

Samoyed husky (photos are presented in the article) is strikingly beautiful and strong.It has extraordinary grace and very harmoniously composed.These animals are very devoted to his master and striking cleanly.Many people believe that they have become the embodiment of true and sincere friendship of man and dog.

If you want to have a friend like Samoyed Laika, the price of the puppies you certainly interested.Today, it can range from 25 to 60 thousand rubles.Remember that this breed needs active exercise, plenty of fresh air and access to safe drinking water - because of the powerful wool cover in a temperate climate often becomes a hot dog.