Ahalteke - the most beautiful horse in the world

When it comes to the most beautiful, intelligent, evil and the good animal, then it is likely a subjective opinion, because every owner of a pet nondescript considers it the most comely, intelligent and loved throughout the world.However, there are situations where everyone is forced to admit that he had discussed the animal is really the most beautiful in the world.

At the edge of the Karakum desert stretches a narrow strip of Akhal oasis - a place where there was one of the most beautiful horse breeds.History of the Akhal-Teke horse has its roots in antiquity.Relentless time has destroyed the rich and formidable fortress city, has long passed into oblivion imperious rulers and courageous heroes, but as it turned out, time has no power over the living monument to the glorious history - Akhal-Teke horses.

Today, experts who know a lot about horses, amateurs and connoisseurs of all that is beautiful unanimously agreed that the most beautiful horse in the world - Akhal-Tek.Its price is not known to t

he general public.But it is not one, not two, not ten million dollars, and much more.

Exterior horses aheltekinskih rocks amazing his unearthly beauty.Tall, lean, long-legged horse is a bit like a greyhound dog.His extraordinary expressive eyes, protruding brow ridges create powerful characteristic of the breed elongated shape.Experts in horse breeding agree that the most beautiful race in the world can relate only to the Akhal-Teke.

These animals are very frisky.Fragile in appearance horse quite hardy, tolerates thirst.In the old days the Turkmen traveled through the desert from well to well over twelve days, to make the transition a hundred and fifty to two hundred kilometers a day.

most beautiful horse in the world - are very proud of the animal, which is quite hard going through neglect on the part of man.Ahalteke not be a participant in sporting events that bring considerable profit to the owner.

on one of the famous horse auctions in 1985 was sold the most expensive horse at the moment - a magnificent thoroughbred stallion Seattle Dancer.The deal amounted to 13.1 million dollars.However, those people are wrong who think that was sold the most beautiful horse in the world.Such a high price due to the fact that in the old handsome steed was a three-time winner of international races.

most beautiful horse in the world (photo shown just above) - Akhal-Teke horse Ak-Gez isabella suit.Even if such an opinion is subjective, look at this miracle with blue eyes, you are unlikely to be able to refute it.

What kind of suit - isabella?She is the most beautiful in the world, which is found only in the Akhal-Teke.Coat color in these horses cream or warm milk, animal skin is pink all over his body, and huge blue eyes.

Hue suit varies depending on the light - the sun, she silver at sunset - reddish, early in the morning - milky white, in cloudy weather - ivory.