Our little friend: the kindest dog breed

has long been known that the dog - man's best friend.But among these friends is and evil, and aggressive and unruly, and even dangerous.Conversely, there are very kind and nice, showing all friendly attitude.Each dog breed is inherent in its nature and character.What is the kindest dog breed on earth?

Golden Retriever

most kind, sensitive and intelligent, even rightly considered a golden retriever or a Golden Retriever - a hunting dog, bred in Scotland in the XIX century.It is a great hunter, a good "working" in the water and on land.

But this quadruped miracle will delight not only the hunters, it's a great one - loyal, sensitive and empathetic.Beautiful dog with golden hair - gentle, kind, calm and playful.Meeting the request of the family to find other experts-cynologists primarily advised to buy this breed.

Golden Retriever is a perfect companion to a family with small children and the elderly.In the past, excellent hunter, today they "work" by customs officers and rescue workers, therapis

ts and artists.

This is the kind dog breed in the world has a good memory and intuition.Golden Retrievers adore children and are ready all day to play with them.They do not need to raise his voice, and they do this without any desire to host.


Considering various photos of dogs of different breeds, it is safe to say that St. Bernard is also suited to the epithet "good".This powerful, beautiful, impressive dog has a thoughtful, calm and somewhat phlegmatic character.It is infinitely tied to their masters, and is attracting an unusually sincere attitude

very large, massive, with strong teeth breed can seem quite dangerous, but even at first glance you can tell that this is a good breed of dog on the ground.They are very fond of children and communicate with them gently and carefully.For some reason, they do not like only small breeds of dogs, but if these puppies grow up from childhood with the St. Bernard, they grow up friends.

Few can remain indifferent after seeing the huge size of a Saint Bernard and a wise look.This is a very good keeper, and when it seems that he was asleep in the sun, in fact, he constantly monitors the environment and observes every move.If this is a familiar person, the dog will be silent, but you always raise the alarm.He can be quiet, even when all around him filled with barking dogs.

Bernard easily brought up, but does not like to cry, and the power of it will get you nowhere.But on the good dog is always good answers quickly realizes that she wants and always willingly and gladly does what is asked.Selling breed dogs St. Bernard in various ways, including via the Internet.They should not be hold on the chain.The apartment is on the street, or even a St. Bernard is quiet and always knows where his place.If you put him on a chain, it becomes an angry and nervous.

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever, too, belongs to the most good.This is not even just the kindest dog breed, but also the most popular.It is sturdy and strong, with powerful jaws and strong teeth.

Dogs Labrador Retriever totally devoid of aggression, and in relation not only to humans but also to animals.They are easily trainable, playful, very intelligent, outgoing, willing to make friends with all.

like St. Bernards and golden retrievers, Labrador retrievers just love children, all of them may suffer.They are firmly attached to pets and are willing to defend them, not only cats and hamsters, and parrots.But elderly people with them can not cope, because these dogs - very moving.

This, of course, not all breeds of dogs, which can be called "good souls".The main thing is that they are good, if you do feel the love and kindness of others.