German Shepherd puppy.

German Shepherd puppies look for the hosts in the 1.5-2 months of age.At this point they have already passed the procedure of the primary vaccination and protection from worms and have a brand.Prior to this German shepherd puppy 1 month, or rather the first 2 weeks under the supervision of the mother, receiving all necessary and feeding her milk.After this period begins solid foods, add to the diet products such as low-fat cottage cheese, scraping the meat and various vitamins.When the puppy goes to the new owners, he loses custody of mother and breeder professional care, so the owner must be at least a year to maintain contact with the breeder, in the event that get advice or recommendations.

Feeding puppies German Shepherd

buying a puppy, it should ensure a smooth transition from one house to the other, well, if a few days or a week to be maintained his usual diet.German Shepherd puppy should eat at least 6 times per day, the age of 3 months, then gradually reduced the number up to 2 times, but

not earlier than 9 months.There are plenty of ready-made food for dogs and owners often have to decide on what to feed your dog, whether to switch from natural, home-cooked food ready to dry feed.

Dry pet

There are three classes of dry food: economy, premium and super premium.The first are the cheap food, they include low-grade cereals, soybeans and by-products myasoproizvodstva.Digestibility and nutritional value of their very low, so they require more than a forage premium.German Shepherd puppy with pleasure will eat this food, but used low-quality raw materials can lead to allergies and metabolic disorders.The premium is not allowed low-grade raw materials, and the nutritional value of such substitutes for natural foods is much higher, the same applies to the digestibility.But food superpremium class is already prepared with high quality products, it does not use cheap ingredients, preservatives and dyes.Their composition is balanced and includes all the necessary for the growth and development of the puppy and the normal functioning of the organism.Furthermore, in the manufacture of food accounted breed, weight, physical activity, age and susceptibility to diseases of the dog.Find a feed can be vetklinike or in specialized stores.

Natural food

To make proper feeding puppy genuine homemade food, you need to have sufficient knowledge to a balanced diet and contains the required amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, and vitamins and minerals.German Shepherd puppy in the first months of growth especially in need of protein, because it is the main element for growing dogs, so in his daily diet must include meat products.They can be given as raw and boiled, is not recommended too fatty meat or pork, the latter may include distemper virus.With a lack of fat in the diet may be a delay of growth, a sign that the diet is present sufficient amount of fat - is a smooth shiny coat.The main source of energy is carbohydrates, that is, all kinds of sugar and fiber.The main foods rich in carbohydrates - a variety of cereals and legumes, will not give a German Shepherd puppy and on berries, fruits and vegetables.