The most dissatisfied with the cat online

People are constantly dealing with animals, can say with full confidence that unhappy cat - a very, very bad.Especially if it is in the master room or - horror of horrors!- It is necessary to do something, for example, cut nails, to bathe or tablet.Furious familiarity handling animal can cause a lot of trouble to nearby people or even cause them with serious scratches.No one would think of calling such a beast funny or cute!

But animal owners named Tarde think quite differently.They are eternally dissatisfied with the cat seems to them very funny, and in any case not dangerous.And the whole world saw him, was fascinated, not frightened.And all because this forever "angry" cat photos that Internet agitated, angry just for fun!

story of the hero (or rather, the heroine) began in spring 2012.In Arizona, closer to the middle of spring at the family Bundersov cat litter brought amazing.Since mom rock "three-color striped happiness", and the Pope - "some striped neighbor", always sounded familiar kittens

for free.But this time things did not go quite according to plan: ten-Crystal noticed that one baby is very unusual, and decided to keep it.

So baby was named tartar sauce (Tarde - shortened nickname).The girl had malocclusion, small body, abnormal body proportions ... but these defects brought her popularity.Due to the short legs of it is very funny walks and bite curve and huge round eyes made her "disgruntled cat" (otherwise - Grumpy Cat), known throughout the world.

Already at the age of six-month-Tard has won universal love.Photos and videos posted on the Internet its owner, and instantly appeared fans made sure to "disgruntled cat" appeared in demotivators and memes.

Noting the popularity of his pupils, Bundersy did not panic and began to produce figurines, T-shirts with prints and utensils, toys, calendars, key chains and other products.Their logo was, of course, their favorite "disgruntled cat."All these gadgets enable owners Grumpy Cat does not work!

Currently Tarde brings your family a huge income, so, of course, no one is thinking about leaving the cat to spare.And to regret something, in fact, nothing - despite the angry attractive face, home favorite has a soft, gentle character, very playful and did not quarrel.

Now "disgruntled cat" has become so popular that many fans not only happy to spend money on souvenirs with the image of the hero, but even do tattoos with him.

Well, see general favorite photos is easy.You do not even have to search the Internet for pictures of cats evil - at Tarde has its own website.By the way, not so long ago it appeared pictures with birthday Grumpy Cat - excellent holiday was arranged, and the individual images, it even looks quite happy!

To date Tarde have written his own songs and a few months later - in October 2013 - it will release the book Grumpy Book, which will include the most-most funny and interesting pictures and demotivators with her participation.