What could be the consequences of sterilization of cats

As with any surgery, the removal of sex glands in cats can be complicated.However, the severity of the consequences, and their very appearance, largely depends on the thoroughness of preparation of the animal and post-operative care.It must be remembered that the benefits of surgery is still outweigh its risks.Neplemennoe animal is relieved from the constant frustration and opportunities for the development of tumor diseases and purulent genitalia.The owner will receive the rest, and will eliminate the need to attach countless litters of kittens.

course, is the operation (sterilization of cats) consequences.Reviews of pet owners show that there is a tendency not to pet any specific breeds to complications.For convenience, we classify past due occur.And a closer look at what may be the consequences of sterilization of cats.Let's talk first about the negative aspects.

  • related features pitomitsy organism.These include individual intolerance of narcotic drugs.In this case, a cat having anaphylactic re
    actions (allergies), acute renal or hepatic failure.
  • consequences of sterilization of cats, caused by diseases that she suffered at the time of surgery.This cardiovascular disorders in elderly pitomitsy or animals with diseases of the lungs, blood vessels and heart.
  • Complications due to violation of the art operation.We include here the same medical errors.In this group put a post-operative complications such as:

- divergence of joints that may occur due to the fault of the doctor if he did not keep the equipment;other complications during surgery: transection of the ureter, bleeding, bad if the doctor bandaged the blood vessels of the uterus and ovary;

- peritonitis - purulent inflammation of the peritoneum (this rarely happens, if the operation is carried out under normal operating conditions).

  • health problems caused by improper care served (for example, failure of joints).Cats often pulled a thread of them, sometimes with too active movements are cut and the wound tissue disintegrates.If the "collapsed" the entire wall thickness of the seam, then rolled out of the internal organs.Hernias - the failure of the abdominal wall sutures, except for the skin, in the crack "throw out" the internal organs, and can be felt under the skin.This situation occurs some time after the operation, when the outermost seams healed.Observe the post-operative advice of a doctor and follow the pitomitsy.
  • Long-term consequences of sterilization of cats.

Obesity is not a direct and inevitable result of this operation.Just keep in mind that castrated animal spends significantly less vitality, because it lacks the sexual instinct.This means that the caloric intake should be reduced.If you do not, of course, pick up the cat overweight.

"Nedosterilizatsiya" - is not always a bug doctor, do not completely remove the ovary.Because some cats have extra ovarian tissue outside the gonads - next to it or even in other parts of the body (extra ovary).The animal will be observed the symptoms of heat, but if the uterus is removed, the cat will not be able to get pregnant.

positive effects of sterilizing cats

In addition to addressing the above psychological and physiological problems at the early sterilized pitomitsy an improvement in the physical development of the skeleton and muscular system.Also keep in mind that reduced the likelihood of an accident with an animal, ran away from home in search of romantic adventure.

decide, of course, the owner is required whether in any particular case, the operation - sterilization of cats.Care for the animals, remember simple.The doctor usually gives details on what to do and how.All rehabilitation takes about two weeks.