Birthday greetings Familiar or friends

With the onset of the holidays to every citizen the question arises: what to give, what words to say, how to sign a postcard?It becomes especially important if you need to prepare birthday greetings friend.

Here great importance is the fact, how close is the familiarity.After all, if the acquaintance "nodding" when honorable is simply an employee, or friend of friends, it is unclear what exactly it is possible to wish that you do not accidentally hurt yourself or not to be trapped.It is therefore extremely important to first bring some inquiries about the lifestyle that you want to be congratulated.

Each greeting is a mandatory part - wishes.The best way for a small explore restrict normal postcard already written her poems - there are now a great many are sold in retail outlets.These birthday greetings friend, with whom congratulator not "on the short leg" is quite appropriate.

But if the representative of the fairer sex - a neighbor with whom spent together childhood, or a member of the club's i

nterests, or the employee, which is drunk not a ton of tea and eaten, as they say, "a peck of salt", and for dinner reworked bone girlfriendsand their husbands to each other and their husbands, it is hardly a trivial card takes a lady or young girls should enjoy.

might be willing to birthday greetings familiar with that binds closer relationship should be a little string up and write it something personal to thereby emphasize their non-indifference?For example, a loving grandmother could wish for "many fairy tales to read stories to their grandchildren loved enough until their old age!" And "Cat Lady" or "sobachnitse" very pleasant, if you wish her a long and pleasant years next to her beloved four-legged friends.

Birthday greetings friend, who is interested in poetry or writing a novel should include suggestions to find a lucky star in the form of a good publisher who will release her works a million copies or a billion grateful readers.You may also wish her to quickly finish its fascinating novel in order to "shock the world with their works."

Birthday greetings guy friend can contain more frivolous requests.Tom, who are often happy to talk that spent a day on the couch watching TV, you can wish for many years of his four-legged friend - sofa.Typically, the stronger sex do not like trivial generalities, but more receptive to humor and even a kind of irony.Especially if this irony - good-natured, cheerful "antics."

Generally, humorous wishes almost always reach a nice positive effect.For example, when the wish "car crumpled dollars" or "bag of health, happiness and two bags three bags of pleasure."And certainly no one like the wish bag crazy charm and talent ... After congratulating thus hints at the fact that today have no honorable one nor the other, nor the third.

So you should be very careful if you decide a little "joke," the message reads.Naturally, the girls are more sensitive and impressionable than younger people.And, having decided on their own to come up with their own wishes, it is necessary to weigh everything well.

Birthday greetings girl friend must emphasize its unusual in a good way: the incomparable beauty and charm, charming looks and sharp wit, ability to knit or sew, cook or read poetry.A must conform to the wishes of congratulation: "I wish even more flourishing your beauty", "I wish to close appreciate every minute you spend next to you, because another such in this world is not" and the like.

But the most important - is to congratulate a loved one without delay, just in time.However, this is not to say that we need to keep ringing the birthday boy or birthday girl or the crack of dawn, especially if the birthday falls on a day or you know in advance that this person likes to sleep longer in the morning, worn like mad, going towork.It is better to postpone this little pleasant for both minute.