What are they, the British cats: Color and appearance

few people who are not familiar with this breed of cats, they are ubiquitous.It is not surprising, because they have a memorable appearance.A British kittens - incredibly charming establishment.For most people, the name of the breed "purring" firmly associated with a gray "coat", which is officially called the blue.Round face, amber eyes, small triangular ears, big body and "Teddy" blue fur - that's what the British cat.

Color This is undoubtedly a very popular and well known.According to the current standard of the breed all that has been said above about exterior, pedigreed kitty must be present.But not only are the British blue cat color they are very diverse.To begin with, the colors of fur can be solid, tabby, tortie, bicolor, color-point, typed.Last - is a type where each strand of wool dyed not completely, but only a portion of its length.The balance of its silver, almost white.

So discuss what color are British cats.Colors allowed them different, but that does not mean that the quality

requirements of the fur color does not.Rather, they are fairly rigid.For example, a cat must have solid color dyed hairs, otherwise considered a vice.Allowed black and blue, chocolate and lilac, red, cream, white.The first six of these are combined in pairs is not accidental, blue color is weakened black and so on.Breeders take into account the particular genetics of colors when breeding.Pet with solid colors should not be white and the other spots, color transitions, the individual hairs of a different color.

Tubby is characterized by a pattern on the fur, there are three options: mackerel (mackerel), marble (classic), spotted.

tortoiseshell found only in cats is caused by genetics.Very rarely cats with such coloring, they acquire it as a result of mutation and are infertile.The animal skin all painted in two colors: black and red, chocolate and cream, blue and cream, lilac and cream.

"coat" bicolor suit "worn" pets with any color (solid, typed, turtle) in combination with white.At the same time, there are three varieties, the total amount allocated by the latter.This van - colored tail and a couple of spots on the head;Harlequin - large colored spots on the rump, back and head occupy about 1/5 of the body surface;bicolor - about 1/2 of the "coat" color.

cat will have a color-point, if it is against the background of fur, painted in a light color and has markings on the muzzle, ears, legs, tail of any of the basic colors.Thus they can be continuous or patterned.

Finally, British typed coloring boasts chic "coat", for which, depending on the degree of each dyed hairs, isolated versions.They are as follows: smoky - Hair color 1/3 of the length of its base and undercoat - silver (almost white);shaded - just 1/6 colored hairs;y color "chinchilla" - only 1/8 on fur animal like spraying.

British cat, color which we have considered above can also boast beautiful eyes.Shacks and poorly painted them in this breed should not be.All of these darlings tailed look at the world through the eyes of stunning, rich, bright tone.They can be orange, blue, lavender, green.

By the way, the British cat, color white solid which can have both orange and blue eyes.They can even be colored in the same animal.White cats are incredibly beautiful, fur, they must not have the slightest shade or pattern.Unfortunately, breeding them difficult, since they often suffer chained to suit genetic defects (blindness, deafness, lack of sense of smell).