In your house there budgies?

special position among pet parrots occupy.After all, they are bright, unusual, funny and incredibly talkative!This little bird would be a true friend of the child and adult lift your spirits.And in order to parrot it was not boring, and they have not lost the ability to reproduce, they pick up a pair.And in your home appear budgies.How to distinguish males from females - this is the first question that you puzzled.

to figure out who among parrots is a female, and some male, you must pay special attention to your birds cere.Cere is leathery education, located on the upper part of the beak.Males cere is usually purple or blue.And females - brown or gray.

worth noting that determine the sex in this way only when the parrot turned at least three or four months.But in very young nestlings impossible to determine the sex, as cere with time changes its color.It often happens that a male has pinkish in infancy, and a female - blue cere.Budgies, photos of which you can see clearly demonstrate this apparent

difference in color cere.

behavior of budgies?How to distinguish male from female by the behavior?

distinguish males from females in the cellar, if a bit to watch the behavior of parrots.The male is more aggressive and active, and it is particularly noticeable in the mating season, when the parrot boy actively protects your beloved from outsiders.In addition, the males much more noise, singing and talking.Females, on the contrary, are very modest.Also, at times, showing their cleanliness, they were thrown out of the cage different items.Usually, they are very difficult to learn to talk.

Such are the interesting and unusual birds - budgies.How to distinguish male from female?Now the question will not cause you any trouble.

Wavy parrot care that requires a responsible approach should live in light and clean room.Birds love the light, but to place them too close to a window should not be, because they are very afraid of drafts.

is also worth remembering that the cages for budgies should be rectangular in shape and have a flat top.Polygon, round, as well as cells with a variety of figural ornaments totally unsuitable for birds: parrots will not be able to move freely and fly from one place to another.Besides decorating often accumulate dirt, dust and various parasites.Separately, it is worth noting that it is desirable to acquire a metal cage.

In addition, the cell must be equipped with a retractable bottom, perches, feeders and drinking bowls for water.For the manufacture of wood perches used by hard rock.They should have a different diameter.

If you will keep your feathered pets in their appropriate conditions, then, of course, they will always be happy and healthy.In addition, you no longer have a question, what sex your budgies.How to distinguish male from female - you are well aware.