Shark Ball of the carp family

Shark Ball - a species of fish other than great stamina.That is why they are very popular among lovers of wildlife.Caring for them is minimal as they are unpretentious.Shark Ball - very mobile and active fish.In addition, it is remarkable jumpers can jump out of the water and in this way to overcome the distance.

aquarium for these fish to be big.It is also important that it closed the glass cover, otherwise your scaly pets simply jump out of it.Shark Ball is originally from Asia.With the right content can live eight to twelve years.Their length can be up to thirty-five centimeters.Despite the name consonant with sharks, these fish have nothing to do, because belong to an entirely different family - to the carp.Their habitat - fresh water.

Shark Ball - very peaceful fish.They get along with all the inhabitants of the underwater world of their size.Yet ball shark can eat small fish when they grow up.It is therefore important that their neighbors are not too small.An interesting feature of life of th

ese fish is that they produce unusual sounds underwater.If the room is complete silence, the signals given by the extraordinary fish, you can even hear.They feel best in small flocks relatives.In captivity, they successfully bred.Usually have a silvery color with white and black trim finlets.Body narrow, large eyes, no whiskers.Males tend to be smaller and thinner than a female.

From feed Bala Shark like most live food: bloodworms, brine shrimp, white worms.In addition, they will not abandon the fruit and dry cereal.

Equipping shark aquarium for the ball, do not forget that for a comfortable stay they need special stones and plants, underwater grass hard leaves.The temperature of the liquid in it must be from 23 to 25 degrees.The optimum pH level in the vessel - about 7.0.Unfortunately, the shark aquarium fish ball quite susceptible to all sorts of types of diseases.Therefore, keep them under proper conditions.The water should always be clean and aerated.Please note that these fish are timid.If they do give cause for concern, it may end up jumping around the aquarium, it hit the wall and received as a result of the injuries.

divorce shark ball at home?A few weeks before the joint planting of male is separated from the females and abundantly fed.A day before it is necessary to arrange the fish hungry day.Raising the temperature in the tank and fresh clean water - a good incentive to spawning.Spawning tank should have a protective grid and a volume of from 10 to 50 liters.After spawning takes place, it is necessary to plant the aquarium fish darken it and add to the water methylene blue or one tablet of chloramphenicol at 20 liters.After 18-36 hours the embryos have already appeared.After another couple of days they turn into fry.They must be fed brine shrimp and rotifers as long as they grow up.