Diseases goldfish - taking care of their master

these wonderful sea creatures began to please the human eye 15 centuries ago, when there were in China, and then the Koreans began to grow already domesticated in their individual waters.Its successful aquarium goldfish swimming (in fact - carp) continued towards the West and in the XVIII century has reached Russia.His color (pink, bright red, yellow, white, bronze, black and blue), crucian carp is always a pleasure to their owners.They could only disappoint disease goldfish.The reservoirs, with proper care, individuals can reach the size of 35 cm, but in the conditions of the aquarium is very doubtful.

Conditions of

Decorating your home aquarium fish, the disease which most often provoked by the conditions of the will for a long time, taking over the function of an element of decor.For them, it is important the presence of oxygen, sufficient water space, timely nutrition, and most importantly, the absence of the inhabitants of the aquarium, which is characteristic aggressiveness and impulsivity

.If you do not create these conditions, all of your efforts in breeding the fish will be in vain.Particularly upset, as you know, children, when at the bottom of the aquarium are immovable goldfish diseases which have become for you a complete surprise.This turn of events can permanently ruin the mood of the baby, and accordingly - you.

goldfish diseases can be recognized by its appetite, glitter flakes of color brightness, and of course, mobility.Boss aquarium should alert a raid on their body bent sideways upper fin on the back, which should be vertical, and the most important and dangerous - a variety of education, who say that it has gone too far already.

main disease

So goldfish disease manifested as:

  • muddy scales with a velvety touch as a harbinger of scabies (just need to change the water in full);
  • tumors of different colors on the fins and scales under the skin, or fish-pox (not amenable to treatment, does not represent any particular risk, and the appearance of badly spoiled fish);
  • edema, face sepsis (the biggest threat goldfish can be cured only at the initial stage of their resettlement under running water and swim through the day in the potassium permanganate);
  • hyphae or filaments white, flagellates that can grow fish in the torso, then can appear holes in the head with the release of the white matter (to take urgent measures to fish do not lay on the bottom, where the rise will not be able);
  • velvet disease - oodinioz - with the loss of brightness of color, peeling of the mucosa, a touch of milky, sticky fins (need long-term treatment of drugs in the general aquarium for parallel treatment of all its inhabitants);
  • inflammation of the stomach as a result of overfeeding dried bloodworms, Daphnia and Gammarus (voracity of the goldfish has long been known, so the feed should be fed as much as she can swallow in three minutes).

If you create the required conditions and the time to notice the slightest deviation in the behavior and appearance of the individual, the disease of goldfish you will not be disturbed.There are a lot of fans and experts in breeding ornamental fish, especially in big cities.There are niche markets or sections for the sale of aquarium fish.There are always people who can give you advice if you need it.Together, you'll master the disease goldfish and your nimble living "gold" in the scales for a long time to be delivered to all pleasure.