The food is characterized by the "Hills" for cats

Getting giant of modern industry in the production of pet food companies Hills began in the late 30s of the last century.Then the veterinarian from the US Morris, understand the importance of proper diet, picked guide dogs aching urolithiasis, diet with low amounts of protein, substantially prolong her life.

For over fifty years, the company produces ready-made food Hills (Hills) for cats and dogs.All diets are developed with veterinarians, scientists and nutritionists in their own scientific research institute of the company.Learn how the body's normal processes of life for pets, as well as those that occur in various pathologies.Consider the effect of food intake on the whole organism in health and disease.

What products are currently

company produces its dry and wet (canned) form, with the food "Hills" for cats as well as dogs, presented in three main lines.Each of them has a different purpose.Let us examine them below.The quality of any feed company is regarded as a super-premium.

So universal line everyday feeding pets - Science Plan - nutritionally balanced food "Hills" for cats.It is easily absorbed by the body pet, delicious and flavorful.

Nature's Best (Ideal Balance) - a category of feed exclusively of natural origin, enriched with vitamins and minerals.

Prescription Diet - this diet "Hills" for cats has been designed and produced specifically for animals suffering from various diseases.In accordance with the causes and mechanisms of diseases chosen diet containing high or low amount of certain nutrients.This power line is available for dogs.

Cat food "Hills" Prescription Diet produced in a wide range of varieties for pets suffering from various diseases such as diseases of urogenital, cardiac, digestive systems, liver disease, kidney disease, problems with the skin and its appendages (hair, nails).There is also a special food "Hills" for cats with diabetes, food allergies, obesity, pet-convalescents after serious illnesses or operations.

In this category feed company emphasizes, all kinds of diets therapeutic line available in veterinary clinics, for example, in the US, and prescribed by doctors in combination with medication.

What are the benefits of cat food

  1. Development rations carried out individually for each specific age group and weight category.Organisms kittens require emphasis on different nutrients than older cats.In the production of food using high quality components and modern technological processes and equipment allow you to create excellent products.
  2. Food "Hills" for cats tested clinically.This means that you can be sure that he would come to suffer any illness of an animal and not only does not hurt, but your pet will benefit.