Why watery eyes kitten?

If watery eyes kitten, it must be seen by a veterinarian.Only he will be able to determine the exact cause.As you can imagine, from a perfectly healthy animal eyes should be clean.If, after the baby sleep in the corners accumulated allocation, you should not worry, as this is a normal process.If watery eyes kitten all day, it scratches their foot and squinting, it is a chance to go with him to the vet.There are many factors that cause a similar ailment.Now look at the most common reasons:

  • allergy.Allergic reactions can occur on just about anything, such as house dust or pollen houseplants.In long-haired animals sometimes causes such a state of their own hair, enters the eye.If watery eyes kitten, then the reason for this may be different worms.Products synthesis cause the baby allergies.Similarly, to determine why watery eyes, can only be a qualified doctor on internal reception.
  • anatomical features of the breed.For example, in Persian cats unusual anatomy of the skull, because this is broken the
    nasolacrimal duct.For this reason, the excess can accumulate in the conjunctiva of tears, and then spills out.For this breed tearing - the norm.But so cats must be treated very carefully, eyes must be cleaned daily wipes (specially designed for this purpose) or a swab dipped in some means of care.Such preparations can be easily found in every pet store.
  • Tearing may cause bacterial or viral infection (panleukopenia, herpes, mycoplasmosis, chlamydia and others).Some of these diseases are dangerous even to humans.To say exactly why the kitten watery eyes, he takes special tests (swabs).Such procedures are, of course, bad for the baby, but they are completely painless.Similar infection is desirable to begin to treat the early stages.It is important that the treatment was correct and timely, because the remaining bacteria begin to multiply, which ultimately lead to relapse.By then it will have to use other, more powerful drugs.In addition, complications can arise.
  • Another reason why the watery eyes of a kitten, a mechanical failure.This can be a spark from the fire burn from the hot bryznuvshego oily substance, injury inflicted during a fight with his brothers, a grain of sand, and more.In any case, if you suspect that your kid was something like that, be sure to contact your veterinarian.Only he will be able to correctly determine the extent and depth of the damage.In some cases it is necessary to provide emergency assistance, otherwise the kid lost his sight, and forever.

small conclusion

We describe just a few reasons tearing.If a kitten watery eyes, what to do in your case, you tell me exactly qualified veterinarian.So do not delay visit to the doctor to protect your baby, yourself and your family from possible diseases and complications.