Autumn manicure: what is it?

often in the literature with respect to a beautiful lady found the expression "every inch a lady."Such a woman, by definition, concerned about their appearance, do not forget to pay attention to manicure.Indeed, well-groomed nails with nail trim, chosen according to the situation and wardrobe, always attract attention.Because we generate manicure should be carefully guided by its mission, the appearance of a woman and another set of conditions, one of which may be even the weather outside.Nails should look not only fashionable and stylish, but also true.Therefore, in this article let's talk about the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčautumn manicure.

This time of year is characterized by bright colors, cool weather, rain.And the fall is held one of the most mysterious holiday - Halloween, the eve of which is called "Halloween."His characters are pumpkins, skeletons, as well as the full moon.It can be taken as one of the ideas, coming up with autumn manicure.To implement such ideas should cover the base of the nails, then app

ly two coats of matte varnish dark.Optional use of radical black.Luck can be a dark purple, maroon, shades of dark chocolate or cobalt.At the top of the nail silver color should draw a semicircle.Complete a manicure should be transparent coating.

What colors are associated with this time of year?

Surely come to mind golden, purple, brown, lemon yellow, that is colors of fallen leaves.Coming up with the autumn manicure, you can stay at any of them, and can be used several.For example, in fashion now view watercolor painting on nails.It's enough to take a piece of old sponge or sponzhik makeup.The nail should be covered with a layer of a first color and, until it has dried, gently apply a little sponge contrast lacquer.For example, the well will be combined chocolate and golden colors, crimson and dark purple, lemon yellow and emerald green.

Many girls prefer for everyday use french manicure.They say to him the nails look natural and not have every day to repaint them under other clothes.In its standard version, it looks boring and trite.To make a French manicure stylish autumn, replace the familiar white stripes at the tip of the nail something bright.You can make a general background of dull beige, and put on the edge of a thin line of lacquered metallic.Or make a contrasting background chocolate coffee and light stripes on the tip.

of Figure

Well, if you have hidden artistic talent, you can make fancy autumn manicure.Figures for him to choose to your taste, in accordance with the theme.It may be maple or birch leaves, small pumpkins, the contours of a tree with leaves around droplets of rain and clouds.In general, everything depends on your imagination.Or, if you want bright and unusual, it is possible to do a manicure in the autumn impressionist style.Select several shades in warm tones and chaotic strokes, apply them to nails so that they overlap each other, creating an abstract blur images.