Unusual nail polish - a marker

Modern cosmetic market is a huge range of goods for personal care.But now manufacturers never cease to amaze consumers novelties in the field of beauty nail.One of them - nail polish marker.In fact, it is an ordinary nail polish released in an unusual package.Most often you can find this tool in a tube, a closed cap, sometimes it comes in the form of a pencil, and some designers produce their products, which in appearance is no different from the usual jars of varnish.

method for applying French manicure

Beautiful and well-groomed nails for a long time considered to be an indicator of neatness, cleanliness man.For many women, the ideal became a manicure, which is called by the French.In order not to spend a lot of money for regular visits to the beauty salon, you can do a manicure at home using nail polish (the marker) in the form of a pencil.Even those who previously could not draw a white line paint flat, is now easily cope with this task.After paint marker so called because how it works is very s

imilar to the work of the marker equalizer.So he began to write, it should be a little push, and the thickness of the line is adjusted tilt angle of the pencil.To make a perfect French manicure at home, you need the colorless base coat and lacquer light pink or peach-colored and white handle.When applying this nail polish is not necessary to wait for the complete drying of each layer, you only need to dry white lacquer.

Creation of individual pictures

Nail polish (marker) is an excellent way of self-expression for young girls, who often like to stand his manicure.With this tool, you can apply on your nails any pattern imaginable.Because of thin rods, which receives the paint, drawing does not spread, even a thin layer of lies, and in the case of uneven application it can be corrected with a cotton swab moistened with water, and it will not affect the manicure.This coating dries very quickly, besides it is not toxic.The only thing that is worth noting: when you need to put a marker on the drawing color varnish, it must be carefully dried, otherwise there will be bumps and smudges.Also worth noting is that the nail polish (the token) is designed specifically for nail decoration, and not for the base coat.If you use it to paint the entire nail, it will last a very short time and quickly peeled off.

Benefits varnish marker

Nail polish (token) can be used for manicure and pedicure.It provides unlimited possibilities to realize their artistic abilities on a small area of ​​the nail plate.You can draw a smile, stars, chess patterns, experienced craftsmen and are subject to more complex compositions.This lacquer is water-based, so the water is easily adjusted and requires a top coating.Some manufacturers supply tubes buttons, clicking on that nail penetrates to the brush.This allows you to not press and do not press on nails, keeping the previously applied color layer.These advantages give varnish marker to become an indispensable tool for the design of nails.