Helena Rubinstein.

How often have you succumbed to the promises of corny commercials disappointed in buying?Surely, not just once or twice.With only do manufacturers have to increase sales of its products.This is especially true brand of mascara.According to the creators, it literally brings a new level of eyelash length and volume.But in reality all the promises and incredible effects for the most part are only in theory and on the screen.But are such questionable cosmetic innovations lot of money.Do retail mascara that really lives up to its advertising?

Judging by the reviews there.Yes, it is, of course, is not on the bottom rung of price categories, and not even average.Mascara Helena Rubinstein (a shortened version of the brand HR) has already conquered many women with innovative components and components of the basic formula of the product.Due to the keratin fibers and volume, it not only adds visual length even short and thin eyelashes, but also feeds them.

If you are looking for quality that will match thei

r price (in a good way, of course), then pay attention to the products Helena Rubinstein.Mascara this brand designed with the utmost care.It does not cause allergic reactions, since all components are often tested in clinical and laboratory conditions.That is why this product is especially appreciated owners of the sensitive skin around the eyes.

Helena Rubinstein - Mascara whole new level.It specializes in the manufacturer of cosmetics.Therefore, all efforts and funds are directed exclusively to the development of improvements in this area.In addition, it is worth noting not only the exclusive design of the box, which is packed with ink "Helena Rubinstein", but also of the vial.Corporate HR letters underline the refined taste owner of this object of beauty, as well as demonstrate its environment status.

Dreaming of irresistible luxury anthracite on your eyelashes?How about captivating bending and splendor?Your attention is Lash Queen Mascara Fatal Blacks from Helena Rubinstein.Mascara has a unique curved brush in several places, resembling its special silhouette of a graceful flexible snake.Just a couple of strokes will give your lashes a stunning bend and look - rich depth.In addition, a bottle of mascara though dressed in snakeskin, only recently discarded poisonous predator.Stylish metal design adds luxury and glamor image femme socialite.

If we compare all the currently existing brands of makeup, then on a par with such "monsters" as Lancôme and Dior, there can be only Helena Rubinstein.Mascara is gaining a huge amount of positive reviews among buyers in all respects.Young coquette and respectable ladies vying tout the wonderful effect produced by it, as well as durability.You can safely go on astounding fiery party that lasts until dawn, did not fear for his makeup.Ink will remain in place and not osypletsya black dots under the eyelids.Removed it is quite easy with cosmetic oil or special remuvera.The manufacturer took care of those who wish to have a luxurious eyelashes in rainy weather.Waterproof version of this mascara does not wash away any moisture, but if you do not want.

Mascara Helena Rubinstein - is fundamental "cat" look that captivates and draws like a swirl of cold whirlpool.From these eyes it would be impossible to hide, because the light, fluffy and long eyelashes will burn during each of his sway.The winner of this view would be a queen of any event.Mascara skillfully emphasize the advantages and fix annoying faults.Perfect make-up is only possible with the help of Helena Rubinstein.