"Max Factor", ink - a fascinating sight!

Fluffy Long lashes lush fan overshadowing the eyes - the subject of legitimate pride of one of the female and dreams - of others.After all, what does our view mysterious and languid, velvety, expressive and visually enhances the shape of the eyes, face ennobling?They are the most cilia that nature be released with generosity, and others, alas, cheated.

But the modern Cinderella and princess are equally fortunate to live in the heyday of the cosmetic industry.All kinds of products are submitted to the services of women with one goal - to help them to become more beautiful, spectacular, feel like a queen.One of the leaders in this field belongs to the company «Max Factor».

who once enjoyed lipsticks, shadows, powders, creams, mascara this company, discovered the world of really first-class cosmetics.These products are not only amateurs but also, above all, professional makeup artists and stylists specialized in beauty salons, make-up wizard to studios around the world, private master serving of music

al stars and stars of show business all over the world.

«Max Factor" (ink) - the product has long become the brand.Dating back to the luxury cosmetics, he at the same time, the price is available and ordinary consumers, thereby contributing to filling the market with high quality goods at reasonable prices.

Mascara "Max Factor" is consistently positive reviews, regardless of whether it is painted a young girl, only to learn the basics of make-up, or have held a lady, who can in no time "to make" his face is not worse than in the cabin.This is not surprising, because the mascara on the lashes perfectly lays down, well kept, not smeared, forming dark circles around the eyes.That is to say, a general description of the product.

And now look at what a means of "Max Factor", ink, experts say, some of his individual peculiarities note:

1. Mascara is available in several product lines - for everyday use, for evening makeup.There are also funds with the effect of twisting, water-resistant, such as mascara "Max Factor Masterpiece" (maxi-volume).The color range includes classic shades - black and brown, as well as fine - blue and green.

2. A kind of revolutionary was the development of specially designed brushes for mascara.It allows you to brush is not just very neat and carefully paint over the lashes, not missing a single - when they get prokraske breadth of the glossy and smooth.This effect was made possible after the pile of brushes began to produce very soft natural materials, and between the bristles to place special mikrokanalchiki.Now, the bristles do not stick together, even when typing large amounts of coloring agent and prokraske share eyelashes, preventing them from sticking together.Dyed turns every hair - like mascara coats lashes from root to tip.

design brushes have the means, "Max Factor" (ink) interesting by the fact that is capable of applying pigment to the eyelashes in the corners of the eyes.This is especially true for the outside corner - visually increase in volume and the number of cilia help to visually improve the shape of the eye, give sight depth and magnetism.

The structure of a coloring agent (its formula patented) includes only environmentally friendly and useful for the structure of the eyelashes ingredients.The basis is a specially balanced mineral complex.Because a means of "Max Factor" (ink) is safe for the skin of eyelids and conjunctiva.In the process of applying it lifts the lashes and curls them slightly, giving a beautiful natural bending - eye this seems wide open.Because a means of "Max Factor" (ink) stylists strongly recommend that women who have deep-set eyes.This cosmetic product is easy to correct such defects of Mother Nature.

And another definite plus, influencing consumer choice when buying makeup: This mascara always looks neat, like eyelashes "their", not made up;completely removed the special cleaner face of makeup, approved by ophthalmologists and dermatologists, and is good just by itself.