Face Cream - reviews and expert advice

Women of all ages want to look good - a young, beautiful, spectacular.Young girls manage it easily: Young beautiful in itself.But time is relentless, and now appeared on the face wrinkles, drooping its contours, worsened skin color.Signs of aging are increasingly a major issue for women secret - age.But the humble old age is not desirable.And because the ladies so willingly buy a variety of cosmetics - creams, serums, lotions, masks, promising almost instant rejuvenation.

Yes, a good face cream woman needs.But "good" - a loose concept.It is therefore necessary to consider some rules and criteria, which must be purchased in accordance with cherished jar contents.

So rules:

1. Whatever the means of such as face cream reviews have your girlfriends, mothers, sisters and so on. E., They certainly can listen, but it's better to go toappointment to the beautician.Or a dermatologist - a good specialist in his field, he can give some practical advice and your questions.

2. If you are deprived of such a p

ossibility should at least read the special literature, to have an idea about the type of own skin and see what kind of impact is to provide cream.Remember, our skin is divided into dry, oily or mixed type - the latter is most prevalent.Dry skin - usually thin, oily sheen on it does not appear, it is subject to aging faster than the rest.Oily skin - a thick, often with marked pores shines not only in the heat, and at a comfortable temperature due to the active work of the sebaceous glands;is prone to acne and other inflammations.Combined - oily in the "T-zone" (forehead, sides of the nose, chin) and normal or dry on the cheeks.Finally, a normal - not dry or oily.If you define your own type of skin it is still difficult, better to buy the product for normal or combination of its type.

3. Creams for its intended purpose are divided into day and night.Day cream has a light texture, is well absorbed, should not leave the skin greasy.Night - a dense consistency.He used to nourish the skin, smoothes it.It is absorbed a little longer.Its mission - to help the skin to relax, refresh her back vitality, contribute to the process of renovation of the epidermis.Day Cream also often acts as humidification, supplies the skin with vitamins and minerals;courting her, smoothing wrinkles, giving elasticity and helping to gain a healthy appearance.

4. Select is hypoallergenic cosmetics, especially if you have sensitive skin prone to redness, irritation and other reactions.Because you should carefully read the annotation to the product of interest, and at the same time on the forums on the Internet to inquire: the face cream reviews from buyers in this regard is negative or more positive.To protect themselves from unnecessary and even harmful buy, buy better first sampler or a jar of small volume and test the cream on hand.If the skin does not reject the product, they can pamper your face.

5. Do not buy the cream just because it produced "unwound" firm.Of course, self-respecting manufacturers are behind the mountain as their own, and their face cream reviews, as a rule, do not disagree with the truth - if you praise, so have something!But the crooks are on the alert, forging their goods under the same big names, and their products no desired effect will not give.And more subtlety - often mark-up on goods is done by the popular name of the manufacturer and is cream, for example, the French company, many times more expensive than almost the same, but from domestic cosmeticians.Why do you need to pay?

acquire the means for a person to be only for his age category.If you are over 40, the products are designed for 25-year-old girls, alas, for you will not be effective.Of course, a little help and a cream, but its components are different from those that need you.And vice versa - for young skin cream is designed for mature, be harmful.Even on your chosen vehicle (cream) reviews and impress you, if it is not designed for your age group, it is better not to buy it.