BB cream.

In pursuit of the beautiful, smooth skin and a young girls and women of all ages trying to find the one and only tool that would help not only to get rid of all skin problems, but also instantly improve the appearance of the face.

cosmetic industry for a long time the West is struggling to create such funds, while in the East it is already very popular.His name - BB cream.The acronym stands for as a blemish balm (though there are other - beauty balm, blemish base, etc.).Free translation of this phrase sounds like "balm, hides skin imperfections."Is it really?Try to understand that BB cream is and how it works.

Despite the fact that the most popular products bought in eastern countries such as Korea and Japan, he produced in Germany.Initially it was assumed that the BB cream - a universal remedy for people who have had plastic surgery on his face.According to the ideas of scientists, he had not only mask the temporary scars, but also to promote healing of the skin.Such a miraculous effect quickly ap

preciated flawless makeup fans in Korea and Japan.

So far it is not clear why the BB cream has become so popular in the East.Most often say that first it was used as a cosmetic Japanese and Korean celebrities.Perhaps quite poor balms colors - pale and bright colors - attracted oriental women who are known to strive for the creation of so-called "porcelain" skin - radiant and very light.

Speaking about the palette of shades, should accept the fact that it really is not large.Many famous brands for some reason, offer a very limited range of colors.Fortunately, thanks to the increasing popularity of the cream in Europe where women can boast of tanned skin, is expanding and color of the product.

So, what promises to most manufacturers, offering its customers the famous BB Cream:

  • ideal coating that can hide the visible skin imperfections - acne scars, age spots.
  • predominance in the composition of caring, revitalizing and moisturizing ingredients, so you can use the cream not only as decoration but also caregiver means.
  • high degree of protection from the sun.As part of any BB cream it contains ingredients that help protect the skin from harmful sun rays penetrate.This is high enough SPF from 22 units to 40.
  • natural look.This means that by applying cream on the face, you should not worry about that others will notice the face "mask" and the presence of foundation.Balm is completely fused with the skin, giving it a natural glow and radiance.
  • Merger BB cream with natural skin tones.As has been noted, manufacturers are only beginning to expand the palette of colors, however, many buyers whose skin color is different from porcelain, cream, however, fell in love.This is due to the fact that the vehicle has a tremendous ability to adapt to the skin tone.
  • anti-aging effect.Manufacturers claim that the agent can reduce symptoms of age on his face.Of course, if you frequently use.

other words, blemish Balm seems some miraculous medicine for all problems with a person of concern to women.Indeed, our compatriots very warmly about the facility, claiming that the producers fulfill promises.However, choosing the BB cream, it is important to find out the characteristics of each company and its offering.Explore the range of composition and reviews.Currently, the production of BB creams do not only Korean companies, but European giants of the cosmetics market - Maybelline, L'Oreal, Estee Lauder and others.It is believed, however, that they do not carry so many useful features such as their eastern counterparts.