Hair Dye "Estelle".

always high price of the product confirms the good quality?Sometimes guarantee powerless, as is the case with the lower cost.It is not necessarily a product that is inferior to another for the price, it loses quality.After all, some producers are in the process of creating your product carefully.They find ways to reduce costs, which saves a lot of time and money.That results in a more affordable price without sacrificing quality.

The same rules can be applied to hair dye.Not always famous brands can boast of significant differences with less untwisted brands.Hair Dye "Estelle" is at a fairly average price level.However, this does not prevent her to give excellent results.Judging by the reviews, the women customers have long been chosen by this paint.After all, it not only justifies the money spent on it, but exceeds all expectations.Hair Dye "Estelle" - a bargain for those who prefer to save without compromising their own hair.

palette of shades available for purchase there are lots of fashionable

colors that will appeal to every girl.Strictly speaking, the rich assortment - this is the main advantage of this product.Honey Blondie and bold shades of ruby ​​necessarily occupy a worthy place not only on the shelf at the professionals of beauty salons.Hair Dye "Estelle", a palette that is not only diverse, but also the urgency, it is usual choice for both fashionistas and stylists present.

Moreover, this product is very easy to use on their own.It is not necessary to resort to costly employee service salons.The consistency of diluted paint is that it will not be spread during the process, and will also be easily applied with a special flat brush.By the way, this accessory will cost very inexpensive.As you can see, the savings is a more than significant.

«Estelle" - high-quality paint.Despite her resistance and the brightness end of shades, it did not harm the hair.However, always worth remembering that there are no absolutely safe chemical compounds that change color curls.Be sure to consider the condition of your hair.Dry, damaged, thin and brittle hair in its structure may well become victims of paint even the most elite brand.

All hair dye "Estelle" is divided into several lines, each of which has its own direction.One, for example, focuses on the lively and vibrant color.With such luxurious curls, you will not be left without attention.Shades as close as possible to natural and do not create the effect of a wig.The second line ensures smooth yet powerful lighting.Hair acquire the desired color in just one coloring procedure.Therefore, you not only save time, but also expose the curls less stress.

With the direct application of paint for hair "Estel" gives exactly the result, which is indicated on the box.Do not forget that the color will be as close as possible to the picture only on the condition that locks initially have a lighter shade.Therefore, brunettes will need to be pre-rid of most of the pigment.Otherwise, the coloration will be ottenochnyj character.For added convenience, each package is sure to have a detailed manual, which has a table of combinations of different colors of paint with a natural hair color.In addition, the package must include disposable plastic gloves and a bag with a reducing balm.The first will protect your hands from getting paint on them and the other fills the hair strength and give them shine.