Shampoo Syoss

Professional shampoo Syoss, which became so popular in the past few years, the Russian market is one of the "tools №1» hair care.Through advertising on television and on the Internet about this brand we learned all.Products are a fan of the girls with a small income and moderate requirements to the means to care for themselves, and those ladies who are used to only the best of the best.Shampoo Syoss, reviews about which clients are very diverse, famous for the fact that in addition to high quality, affordable price the buyer happy and profitable packaging for 500 ml.In addition, Syoss constantly adds a series of means for hair care, thus delighting regular customers and attracting new ones.

brand Syoss provides professional care to your hair at home.The line includes shampoos, conditioners, masks, paints and hair mousses.

It is worth mentioning that the brand Syoss is a subsidiary of the world-famous corporations Schwarzkopf, existing on the market for 120 years.

latest trend became shampoo Syoss no

sulfates, parabens and silicone.Of course, this is not a novelty in the market, but for us, there are only a few years - a lot of progress.Shampoos and conditioners without excessive so adversely affects the chemistry of hair Syoss Silicone Free, will allow you to not only make the hair clean and silky, but also improve them.Feature that excluded from the silicone, paraffin, parabenovye and other particles heavier hair, making it less fluid and alive.For example, a series of "color and volume" really give your hair a deep and rich tone, underscored the deep play and increased shine.Option "Rehabilitation and Strength" gives mane intensive care, nourishes and does not overload the locks.Apart from shampoo Syoss is public balm and mask "Without silicone."Beauty Premier this season met all expectations and gave fans a new effective tool for the care of hair.

But we are not resting on the same production line and consider shampoo Syoss of a series of «Repair Therapy».Designed for dry and damaged hair, it restores the structure of the weakened follicles and gives curls shine and silkiness.If you want to enhance the effect of shampoo and balm, use a mask of the same series.

line «Nutrition Oil Care» designed for weakened, split ends.Using a set of tools, enriched with vitamins, oils, acids, you guarantee yourself that will soon regain your hair, previously lost liveliness.The stimulation of rapid growth of hair, improve its general condition - as additional positive factors, which is famous shampoo Syoss.

Next, we are considering a series, it is necessary to owners of thin and brittle hair.As part of shampoo and conditioner contains extracts of lily, which gives the strength of the bulb, which increases the resistance of your hairstyle to the external negative impact (combs, curling irons, hair dryers, etc.), gives volume.Shampoo, which reviews the girls with thin hair very positive, caring for hair, refreshes and cleanses without weighing.Balsam also facilitates combing and consolidates the results.

addition, Syoss presents us with a variety of styling products designed for home use.Especially popular among the ladies and gentlemen are lacquers of varying degrees of fixation.The beauty of them in the economic package, no odor and sticky, long-term action.Moussa ensure ease of installation and ensure its stability throughout the day.In addition, they have an antistatic effect and thermal protection.