Perfume Amuazh (Amouage)

Arab perfumers since ancient times managed to somehow create a unique music flavors.There merged together luxury, nobility, serenity, confidence, but most importantly - felt a special wealth of the East.Over time, such a well-known and appreciate the flavors of the world began to change, losing its unique, characteristic only for the East feature.

revival of traditions of perfumery East obliged the prince of Oman.He was the founder of the famous brand now Amouage, is referred to the category of "ultra-luxury".

Amouage - Perfumes for those who have a special taste.It really is, to choose from.

example, perfumes Amuazh "Ciel Woman" refers to a series of flower.It combines notes of cyclamen, rose, sandalwood, gardenia, violet, cedar, incense, jasmine and peach, amber and musk.This fragrance is gentle and easy as rain fresh as a spring morning like dew.He did not describe the common words, it can only be felt!This flavor, artfully woven from transparent tones sounding magical melody, capable of converti

ng the gray days in bright, bright days.

"Dia Woman" - wild, heady, sweet, magical, magnificent playing.From the family of oriental fragrances, floral.Wood notes.A heart of the fragrance - figs, Artemisia, violet, sage, bergamot, pink tree, peach tree, cyclamen.Final notes - distinctive aftertaste of peony, orange blossom, violet root, peach, musk, vanilla, incense, cedar, sandalwood.

luxurious evening fragrance, full of romance and tenderness.Calm, elegant, noble.Here, a special power of sound.It combines seemingly impossible: sweet vanilla, bitter wormwood, warm and tart tree.But Musk is crowned by an extravagant composition.This fragrance - for women extravagant.It literally envelops the velvet veil, leaving the thrilling, warm trail ...

Amuazh perfume "Amouage Epic" - a real oriental tale with the composition of the damask rose, cinnamon, geranium, cumin and Indian laurel, Chinese tea, jasmine, sandalwood, agaragar, incense, musk, vanilla, amber, patchouli, Florentine iris.

Spirits Amuazh "Honour Woman" opens in the top notes of coriander aromas, rhubarb and pepper.Base notes - lily of the valley, jasmine, tuberose, Mexican, carnation, gardenia.Base notes - amber, leather, incense, opoponaks, vetiver.

This fragrance of a series of floral, oriental.The warmth of amber, gardenia and skin tenderness intertwined with lily of the valley, tuberose and jasmine, gardenia being supplemented bitterness and pepper.Pungent cloves and coriander, and alarming, and charm.

Spirits Amuazh "Jubilation 25 Woman" - gentle, enveloping, exciting, mysterious and intriguing.From a series of oriental spice.The main notes of - vetiver, patchouli, musk, amber, myrrh, wormwood, let's, lemon, frankincense, rose and ylang-ylang.This is - a wonderful, seductive aroma of Arabian Nights.

Spirits Amuazh "Lyric Woman" - heady, disturbing, magic, delight.The aroma of wood-musky, floral.Initial notes - ginger, cardamom, bergamot, cinnamon.The heart of the fragrance - ylang-ylang, rose, angelica, geranium, jasmine.Vanilla, incense, fruit Kumar, iris, sandalwood, patchouli and musk - end notes.
heroine in this fragrance - Velvet Rose.It was she who rules the ball, serving a heady brew of cinnamon and ginger, where waltz whirl of patchouli and vanilla, which play music siphoned frankincense and sandalwood.

Spirits Amuazh "Memoir Woman" - the fragrance of night summer air creeps into the half-open window, shrouding the mystical secret of basil and mint, sage and oak moss and caught in a weightless, transparent curtains wind brought a light kiss from a rose andlavender ...

Top notes of mandarin, cardamom, wormwood, absinthe, pink pepper.Heart notes of frankincense, clove, oak moss, jasmine and rose.Base - leather, labdanum, French and pepper.

Amuazh perfume "Amouage Opus" - the later creation of the Omani house.Here are all three romantic series "Opus".

Opus I open notes of orange, plum and cardamom, turning into floral prints lily, tuberose, ylang-ylang and jasmine.The base composition of steel sandalwood, cedar, papyrus, guaiac wood, tonka bean and vetiver.

The Opus II echoed Lavender with wormwood, pink pepper and bay leaf, jasmine with a rose, cinnamon, cardamom, patchouli with cedar, amber with musk, which presents as a result of rich oriental composition remarkably expressive and sensual.

Opus III - floral oriental bouquet composed of violets, nutmeg, cloves, thyme, broom, jasmine, mimosa, orange blossom, vanilla, guaiac wood and sandalwood.

Spirits Amuazh "Reflection Woman" are in the top notes of tropical greenery, freesia, violet.In notes of the heart - ylang-ylang, jasmine, magnolia.The base notes - sandalwood, amber, cedar and musk.

wildly intoxicating Top notes of green gently immersed in the freshness of the morning dew sparkling, as if anticipating the bewitching power of the coming spring, the royal anthem is sung seductive jasmine and graceful magnolia.

Amouage - spirits who conquer.Choosing one this brand, you will stay with him forever.