Beauty secrets

every girl is important to know the secrets of beauty to look good.One of the important parts of a cosmetology.Beauty skin care studies.Even with the translation from Greek cosmetology translated as to be beautiful.That is studying cosmetology techniques and methods that are necessary to maintain the beauty.Cosmetics have been used for a long time, it is still used in ancient times.Archaeologists are engaged in digging, we found some kind of makeup, which contained mascara, nail file, comb for combing hair, as well as a mirror, tweezers and dust.All data beauty secrets are still used in modern cosmetology.

Scientists who conducted archaeological excavations in Egypt, found in the temple of Queen a beauty salon.It found the following cosmetics - mascara, cream, lipstick.Only after a long period of time, this cosmetics turned to stone.We also found a hair dye.In ancient Egypt, cosmetics enjoyed another 4 thousand. Years ago, the Egyptians even while perfectly mastered the art of manicure and pedicure.Al

most every Egyptian in the beautician had tweezers, razors and tweezers with which they remove excess hair on the face and body.Egyptian women have always sought to make your skin smooth and give it a delicious smell using essential oils.Fingernails and toenails woman painted in green.White hair elderly women are also stained with fat black bulls, mixed with eggs ravens.

Women Eastern countries and from ancient times used in cosmetics.Even before our era Oriental women have used a variety of spices to the body, and the men sprayed hair infusions of various herbs to give them a fragrant odor.That ancient Persians discovered the usefulness of cosmetic henna and Basma.

Experience the ancient Egyptians took over and women of ancient Greece.They coined the term "cosmetics".In ancient Greece came up with makeup, with which you could hide all the flaws on your face.Also in Athens came the first hairdresser in which wealthy women could make a hairstyle.Men also visited the hairdresser to shave.

However, in the Middle Ages cosmetology ceased development.All of this happened because of the church, who believed that you can not take care of his body, as it is a great sin.But after the epoch of the Renaissance, cosmetology revived and its tools and techniques spread throughout Europe.The leading position on the use of funds took the French cosmetics.Cosmetics steel manufactured since the reign of Catherine de Medici.People who are engaged in the manufacture of cosmetics, was forbidden to reveal the secrets of their preparation, they were passed by inheritance only.

fight against cosmetology was announced in England in the 18th century.Women who used the beauty secrets, in particular cosmetics, had to be punished, they were accused of witchcraft, as well as marriages with those women were to be terminated.All the secrets cosmetology secretly handed down from generation to generation.

Only in the 19th century began the scientific development of cosmetology, cosmetology since then became a science to explore ways and means to improve the appearance of the person.