Mineral Makeup - better for you and your skin.

received a month before the new year salary plus bonuses for quality work, Aline decided to quit.Taking an accountant remuneration due, Alina went straight to the mall.There, she wanted to buy his favorite loose powder and rouge in the balls, and then quietly drink coffee and think about life - or rather, on what to look for work.
Alina was a student of the 4th year of the Faculty of Philology, but work in an office with a translation of the documents, even well-paid, a little tired of it.I want more communication with people, not with paper.

While Alina went to the shopping center, she was thinking what I could get.Already on the way to the shopping center I heard the call.She opened her purse and was delighted when I saw that a friend is calling.They began to talk animatedly and so on until the entrance to the boutique cosmetics.Alina said goodbye to a friend, slammed the phone-cot and put it in the bag.Out of habit, I tried to grope and budget, which is usually put in the same department ... the pu

rse was not there.Alina gasped.Frantically began looking through things, hoping to find a purse ... He was not there.All salaries and bonuses ... ...
Alina groaned and leaned against the wall.Then he walked to the bench and plopped down on her in despair.She sat there for 2-3 minutes, and then began to sob quietly.She got up from the bench and walked out of the mall.Internal bitterness grew, tears in his eyes grew bigger.Alina was so unbearably sad and hurt that she is no longer restrained weeping and soon because of tears all cosmetics on her face floated.Smudge mascara carefully daubed red pimples become very noticeable face was swollen.All of these changes Alina noticed as she passed one of the specular windows.Almost at the same moment she came across a flock of advisers some cosmetics.A girl handed her a heavy flyer and retreated a step to the side.Alina is not even glanced at the flyer and just put it into the bag.She was so hurt and so still.No new makeup, no money and no means of gifts to anyone in the New Year!And yet, and there are no jobs.It turns out that when she chatted animatedly with her friend, the purse was not in her purse.It might already be there for 10-15 minutes while she went and told her friend, today finally quit her job!What is unbearable stupidity!Inside, everything boils, but there was nothing.Alina went home.

arriving home Alina did not know what to do.I felt so tired and broken.What to do?The soul becomes even more sad.Alina began to disassemble the bag to somehow escape and come up with a way out.Here are a half-eaten sandwich, sweets from Earrings - programmer from another department, some crumpled receipts, perfume, hand cream, headphones, flyer ... Alina interested in colorful pictures.They were depicted Loose shadow powder."Mineral makeup" - the inscription on the first page.It was a catalog with small, almost microscopic probes.On the back was taken by a colorful advertisement for the job.Required consultants and makeup artists in shopping centers and exhibitions cosmetics.Even without knowing that was an hour Alina phoned.She responded with a hotline and asked to call back.Nothing new Alina did not recognize, the work has not yet received, but cheerful and tenacious little girl's voice dispelled melancholy.
The next day, Alina already went to the interview.She had no idea that such a mineral makeup, never used such products and was confident that the consultant will last very long.Alina has successfully passed the interview, but to get started, she had to undergo weeks of training.Doing it was still nothing, so Alina agreed.Every day, for 10 hours she listened to lectures make-up artists and beauticians, learned to distinguish the composition of the powder, apply them correctly, learned the properties of the ingredients.Much has tested on itself.On the 5th day of Alina I noticed that a person look better than before using cosmetics.She thought at first that there is a role in the coverage, but then I saw that pimples and redness began to fade and new ones from appearing.

Of particular incident occurred when Alina for 3-day working as a consultant, told the girls about makeup and gift sets sold whole: someone was taking for myself, someone was reserved for New Year gifts.A woman came and ordered just 10 (!) Bottles of mineral powder.Then I saw the shadows and took every shade of 2 bottles!The woman said that after the mineral powder her face took on a gentle tone, which delighted not only her, but her husband, sister and daughter.So she came to stock up on cosmetics for the year ahead, since leaving the Czech Republic to teach foreign languages.

after a month Alina was already completely in love with mineral makeup.Feeling result to herself, she began offering her friends to try out new tools that do not contain chemicals, preservatives and harmful dyes.Inspired by the result, Alina went to study in makeup courses.They are also interested in cosmetics, although some teachers were not happy with the lively student who has come with her make-up and did not want to switch brands.Alina began blogging and there upload photos with examples of make-up, made of mineral makeup.Later, she left her job and professional consultant became involved in mineral cosmetics: make-up, writing about new products, examined the effect of mineral makeup on your skin and health.

So Alina found not only new jobs, but also a fascinating hobby for life, but other than that, it cured his skin.Then Alina found out that she was allergic to a certain chemical additives in cosmetics - as soon as it changed to mineral makeup, disappeared redness and other skin imperfections, lined face tone and skin color became natural and healthy.