BB-Cream Garnier: description and reviews

Among the mass of concealers have become increasingly popular BB creams.After all, they not only provide care for the skin, but also act as tonal resources.At the time, BB-Cream Garnier became a real revolution in the domestic market of cosmetology.Today, more and more women prefer it to this facility.

History of BB-creams

Actually Garnier BB-Cream is not the first of its kind tool for the care of skin.The first masking creams originated in Germany.They are widely used among patients who have undergone plastic surgery.These tools allow you to easily and quickly hide the traces of cosmetic procedures.Women also noted the fact that the regular use of the cream helps to fight acne.

Unfortunately, while BB-funds did not become popular.A real boom began in 2005, but in the eastern countries.It was at this time known Korean company has released the first BB cream that not only masked all the shortcomings, but also provided the necessary skin care.

Over time, Korean and Japanese funds for skin care h

ave become increasingly popular, and already in the West.And there was BB-Cream Garnier.This tool has several advantages.And first of all it is worth noting its availability.

way, "BB" - is an acronym, which means "balm of imperfection."It's really a suitable name.By the way, women are often referred to as BB creams "Photoshop in a tube" that could not be clearly demonstrates the effect of their use.

BB - cream Garnier and its properties

it actually has a number of advantages.For a start it is worth noting that his palette is composed of several colors - you can choose the color depending on the requirements of your skin.Interestingly, Korean products are more likely to have a grayish tint, which allows the skin to lighten yellowish Eastern residents.But Europeans this effect to anything, so the cream from Garnier suits them more.

Furthermore, this means adapts perfectly to skin color.After applying the cream slightly changes color, creating a beautiful, natural tone.By the way, he also applied very easily, without leaving unsightly streaks or stripes.

BB-Cream Garnier has a light texture and does not clog pores.This is another plus, because funds are tight oriental texture that covers the skin of a heavy layer.It is worth noting that the cream from Garnier washed off much easier - you have enough common cleansing foam and water.At the same time, Korean washing creams require special cleansers.

Garnier BB Cream provides skin hydration room.It contains some sunscreens that protect the skin well from the damaging effect of UV rays.

can not deny the role of BB-creams in the fight against acne.This means not only perfectly masks the traces of acne, but also prevents the appearance of new lesions.

It is also believed that the cosmetics of Garnier actively fighting wrinkles, as well nourish and moisturize the skin.

Face Cream Garnier: consumer reviews

In fact, reviews of BB Cream by Garnier is very different.Most of the girls prefer to him.This cream eliminates the tonal resources, but along with it creates a natural, fresh skin tone.

There are some consumers who prefer Korean cosmetics.There is evidence that the BB-cream allergy.Yes, the likelihood of an allergic reaction is always there, what you do not have the means preferred.

In any case it is necessary to understand that this cream, and any other means of caregiver, you must choose only guided by the needs of your skin.