Makeup with light-shadow Correction

Not every one of us women can be seen in the mirror of a person with a perfect face shape and sophisticated features.Such is now a trend that is considered to be the ideal face shape - oval.But in reality, it is difficult to meet a woman's face, which would be perfect in all respects, but still need to tend to it.

Today is gaining momentum this kind of make-up, with which in just a few minutes you can hide flaws and highlight its advantages, visually change almost any facial features.Adjust the overall shape of the face, whether you have a round, rectangular, square, triangular, diamond-shaped or trapezoidal face, emphasize cheekbones, remove too chubby cheeks or to make a noticeable ugly chin, straighten the nose, making it smaller, or vice versa, slightly increase,highlight your eyes, making them wider and more expressive, fill lips, making them more voluptuous and plump.And the name of this make-up - modeling and sculpting the face.

correction is achieved by using special cosmetics: highlighter

and bronzer, tonal powders and creams, blush and concealer, or in other words, light or dark shades of various cosmetic products to be applied to certain areas of the face.

When sculpting and modeling of the face is important to remember and perform certain rules:

Rule number 1. Correctly pick shades of light and dark tones.It is necessary to fit to the original color of the skin.Cold shades suitable for women with light skin, coffee tones - for owners of olive skin, well suited for dark skin plum, for example.

Rule number 2. That which is necessary to divert attention should obscure the visual dark shades.

Rule number 3. That's what you need to attract attention and highlight the contrary lightens light tone.

Rule number 4. You use the principle of strips: all round and wide vertical strokes should be applied to the narrow, use horizontal strokes.

Rule number 5. Using light and shadow correction, try to achieve harmony between the tones, it is important not to get too sharp transitions, otherwise all efforts will be in vain, and you will achieve just the opposite effect.

little to facilitate the understanding and modeling of the principle of the person to start you can try to get up and look under the lamp shade which appear on the face.It is these shadows and should be tinted darker foundation.Just the basics sculpting faces in greater detail on a live example shown in one of the editions of Fashion sentence, where you can see the effectiveness of this makeup.

Do not forget after applying make-up, face to powder.It is necessary to apply the finishing touch, zapolirovat easy, vualnoy powder.Apply powder only big wide brush.

If you learn how to properly apply a make-up, it can be safely used, and used almost every day.

terms that are used by professional master - make-up artists:

- Concealer - the means by which the removed point disadvantages of your skin: visible capillaries, circles under the eyes, age spots and more.

- Haylater - cosmetics, which gives a light tone.

- Bronzer - a tool that is used for applying the darker areas.