Using alginate mask can be much longer stay young

no secret that every sensible woman wants to stay young and have healthy skin, respectively, as long as possible.And each has its own methods of how to keep their beauty longer.To do this, most of the girls use some makeup.And everything seems to be fine, but of course, most of the shares on the makeup that has a more or less noticeable effect, and that it does not bring any sensible results.How to be in this situation.Fortunately outputs of these provisions is.And one of the most effective of them is - alginate mask.

Why exactly Alginate mask?

Alginate mask - gives a natural beauty treatment that provides a quick and impressive results, erasing visible wrinkles, pulling the skin, increasing its elasticity, leaving her young, healthy and radiant.The main component of alginate mask - algin (sodium alginate) or alginic acid sodium salt - composition derived from marine algae.Another necessary ingredient - calcium sulfate.When mixed with water or water-based gel, the two powdered hydrocolloid gel form

ing composition, which become the warehouse for the active ingredients, allowing them to move slowly into the skin.Since algae mask is well saturated with water, it quickly restores the hydration of the skin, which in turn leads to a remarkable improvement in the appearance of the skin - it becomes smooth, fresh, young and radiant.At the same time this method overcomes many of the special humidifying cosmetics.For example, mineral oil, as algin light activates oxygen exchange by which the toxins are absorbed and removed from the skin surface.

Alginate mask contains seaweed, which stimulates collagen synthesis, improve skin's moisture balance and enrich it very useful components and trace elements.Since algae accelerate fat metabolism, they are highly recommended in anti-cellulite treatment and body correction.

Another name alginate masks - masks modeling or plasticizers.This means that soon after application, the mask hardens to form the contour of the face.The mask is tight and so it is not uncomfortable at all and easily cleans the entire top layer of skin.

Alginate mask can be used for all skin types - normal, dry, oily, combination and mature.Alginate is a body wrap - the perfect anti-cellulite treatment.Also alginate mask may be applied to selected areas of the skin, for the treatment of "orange peel".

Alginate mask can be further strengthened by a variety of natural supplements: powdered herbal extracts, various types of clays, essential oils and a special activator alginate masks, etc.

Alginate mask with special additives can be designed to address a variety of skin problems.Even though supplements are important, it is worth mentioning that any type of alginate masks effectively revitalizes and moisturizes the skin, improving blood circulation, tightening loose skin, reduce pore size, making it less swelling and soothe the skin after harsh treatment procedures for her.

mask Alginate can be combined with any active formula, facilitating the absorption of active ingredients into the skin, and therefore can be used in many types of cosmetic care and procedures.They work well with photorejuvenation, mesotherapy, myostimulation, ultrasound, etc.

Where do we get quality alginates?

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