Instruction: how to sew a skirt for dancing

There are many patterns of skirts.In this article, we will briefly look at how to sew a skirt for the eastern, ballroom dance and flamenco.Let us dwell on the last option.First, some general recommendations.For the flamenco dance patterns obki basis - is a cut that highlights the hips, and, of course, the skirt should be long.However, for beginning dancers length can be up to mid-calf.The fact that the longer and more complicated, will be required later.

Skirts for flamenco dance can be sewn in several ways.For example, typed ruffles.Perhaps the most simple and uncomplicated cuts.This skirt is gathered from different strips of fabric, width of about 18-20 cm. The belt can be taken basic material goods or knitwear.It will be more convenient to you.The basic principle of this skirt - that the length of the belt or after the yoke is equal to 1.5 of the circumference of the waist.Each successive pattern sewn on the basis of the previous one.Approximately it goes meter 2-3 fabric (with a width of 1.5 meter

s) without any additional parts.

Next, consider how to sew a skirt for oriental dance.It is necessary to cut out of thick, preferably denim basis for belt width of about 15-17 cm. Of the same size cut satin belt.Adv its multicolored beads in any pattern of your choice.Remember that the belt can not be too narrow, he should firmly but evenly cover the hips.It also can not be too broad, not to close the abdomen.To do this, take a tape measure, measure waist circumference.We add to the belt plus 1 cm. Of chiffon and satin fabric cut out 2 pieces for our skirt-sun, the length of which must be 16 cm below the knee.Then connect chiffon and satin parts, sew them together (inside and chiffon face - atlas).The stitches will be placed inside.To sew the edges of our product fringe and in the right places doing 2 cut to mid-thigh.This skirt has a certain style.Cloth as you know, the two selected species, and make sure the belt is stitched onto a dense base.

Finally, we consider how to sew a skirt for ballroom dancing.For this you need pattern, sewing machine, and accessories.By tailoring this skirt with something like a flamenco skirt.Only here it consists of several layers.In order to better select the lower layer opaque fabric, and for the upper, conversely, lighter and more airy.
will be necessary to remove the two measurements: circumference of the hips and the very length of the skirt.The lower part of the satin kroim very simple.Cut a circle with a hole in the middle.The formulas for calculating the radius of the skirt look like this:

R = S * hip ratio (lower)
R = S2 * hip ratio (top)
Where: S - constant factor, which is equal to S = 0,1593, and S2 = 0, 0797.

cut two skirts style "sun" should be together.When this tissue should be folded in 4 layers.A cut moving parts is not necessary, just gently fasten them with pins.You will skirt in two layers.

We have considered just a few ways how to sew a skirt for certain types of dance.Next - you decide.The lower part of the suit is ready, it's time to go to the floor!