As of old jeans to make trendy jeans

Recently, very popular products made with their own hands, or handmade.This is not surprising, because they reflect the unique style of his mistress, a low cost, as well as unique.

old things can be quite give a second chance at life, if you add a few fashionable items.Suitable, for example, patches, studs, lace, sequins, rhinestones - are already complete flight of fancy.Some even painted with acrylic paints on clothing, and in fairness, we note that the result is very good.

And today we will try to revive the old things, making women's fashion jeans.The girls are very fond of this garment for his convenience.Rummaging in her wardrobe, you're sure to find a couple of old, even torn jeans.Armed with scissors, you can start.

As from old jeans to make trendy jeans?It's very simple, if they do not need to customize the fit.A pair of blade strokes, slightly lower fringe, add sequins - and a very different kind!Oh yeah, well-matched Iron-On transfer, too, would be the best fit in the "tuning".

But seriously, the approach is, of course, have to be more creative.First, you need to decide where you will be wearing the most fashionable jeans.Do not go well with the holes on the fifth point is arranged to work!And here is the beach then you can go.

Anyway mold anywhere rhinestones, riveting and spikes do not need.And certainly not worth combine them into a single product.Rivets look good on the edging, eg pocket.

And if your jeans so old that already scuff in different places, and without the patch will not do?Well, let!What's stopping you sew a bunch of patches of colored fabric?Then in your wardrobe will be one more extravagant thing.

you're still in doubt about how to make from old jeans fashion jeans?Let's try another approach.Let's start with color change.Remember how our mothers and fathers painted jeans, cooking them in a pan?After all, even came up with a different technique of twisting to divorce were different.Why not try to revive old and not lower them in the bleach solution for half an hour?Or paint sypanut to revive the color.

Need more ideas about how to make from old jeans fashion jeans?Please.This season, spikes and riveting again in vogue.Why not to weight more than jeans metal?At a rock concert this new thing will definitely be marked!

Maybe you are a lover of vintage style, and want to add a bit of romanticism to your image?Nothing is impossible!Sew the lace a little chat on all length jeans.They will take a completely different look.Just do not overdo it, piling up looks very cheap and messy, choose one thing.

As from old jeans to make trendy jeans?Tell your imagination.Draw it out of other useful lessons hendmeydu or view fashion shows.What is relevant in this season, what would you want to get out of old jeans?

Such creative activities significantly save your budget, much of the pleasure of the work done and not talking.