Stylish clothing for women.

Thirty years ago it was a small company that has gained celebrity in Novouralsk, Sverdlovsk Region.Today the factory KISLIS became widely known throughout the country and abroad.It was here sew a first-class, stylish clothes that every becoming increasingly popular.

This is largely due to the fact that you can buy it without even leaving home.Online women's clothing store will make it simple enough.You just need to visit the site, choose the right model and make a booking.

Benefits of Buying

founder of this brand knows how to make an inexpensive fashionable clothes.Talented designers and experienced masters surprised interesting solutions and excellent tailoring.

  • KISLIS - is primarily a high quality but reasonable price.
  • only used for sewing fine European fabrics, it is absolutely harmless to health.In addition, they are very easy to care for.
  • Large range includes all sizes and colors will delight any shopper.
  • Women and girls will be able to create your own style and pick up not only a busin
    ess suit and festive attire.

Every month you can see the emergence of more than 50 new models, which sold out instantly.

not have to overpay

Recently, this could only dream of.Cheap dress, a huge selection of styles and models and prices that do not have a large number of zeros.

  • Products brand KISLIS - the clothes, calculated not on models but on real women who want to look good.
  • Catalog allows you to select coloring and style.Someone like soothing colors and small patterns, some prefer bright clothes and a free cut.There are always exquisite evening dresses.
  • The greatest advantage of the brand KISLIS is absolutely democratic prices without excessive margins and markups.
  • Internet shop works without intermediaries and offers almost factory prices.In addition, you can be sure that the chosen beautiful thing is the right size.

KISLIS in recent years, prefer to sell their clothes directly over the Internet.Every month the factory produces over ten thousand products.

Mass seam does not interfere to produce high-quality products, which instantly disperses and acquires new fans.More than a million women are already wearing the clothes of this brand.

Add your wardrobe and buy a stylish new clothes for a reasonable fee stands right now.It is necessary to support domestic producers.

On our site there is a constant information on all received recent models, colors and sizes.The new collection will immediately get to us.It remains only to choose blouses, jackets, pants, dresses and other garments and related accessories.Delivery does not take long and soon the model will be selected by the customer.

One has only to look the price list and it will be the last arumentom that finally convinced that to do shopping and go shopping is no longer necessary.