Products 'Tentorium': reviews and description

One of the important conditions for maintaining health is the body's supply of vitamins, amino acids, trace elements, unsaturated fatty acids and other nutrients.A big step in this direction was made by company "Tentorium".

Products of this combination of the best producer different components beekeeping with extracts of fruits, herbs, kidney, resins, oils and combinations thereof, that enables several times enhance the therapeutic effect which is associated with the use of bee products for the recovery and treatment of the body.Especially true that the additives used in the preparations and cosmetic products belong to the European climatic zone (St. John's wort, wormwood, nettle, calendula, etc.)

popularity and success of the products "Tentorium", reviews of which only the friendly, providescompliance with such regulations as to use only vegetable and natural raw materials, the absence of toxic chemical components, application of modern technologies that ensure safety during processing of mineral

raw material properties.

Honey bees northern "Tentorium┬╗

reviews about this product indicate that it is a universal protection of the body with a simple and very effective mechanisms.The combination of honey and the interaction of various enzymes and carbohydrates.Northern honey bees allocate their valuable properties, fermenting and conserving it for a long time.

company "Tentorium" in the manufacture of products successfully solves the question of combination with other components of the honey bee.All products undergo strict screening laboratories, and technology guarantee the safety of the living properties.The composition of honey bees of the northern part of the mummy and natural honey.This product helps to stimulate the metabolism, strengthens the musculoskeletal system, improves the immune system and accelerates the recovery processes, has anti-aging effects.

exclusive products are nutritious pellets from "Tentorium".Reviews of people who use them to talk about improving the well-being, mood and other positive aspects.The pills are distributed evenly and perfectly stored substances such as honey, pollen, propolis, pollen, collecting medicinal herbs and sugar.Nutrient bases pills acts fitokomponent and bee obnozhka that contains essential fatty acids (desmasterin, sitosterol, etc.) Involved in the synthesis of cell membranes and is a powerful natural remedy, prevents atherosclerosis.

Cream "Tentorium┬╗

These unique products are designed for massage and skin care.Creams are made by popular recipes.They are due to the presence of bee products, increase the elasticity of the skin and protect it from wrinkles, prevent the signs of aging.Honey protects, moisturizes and nourishes the skin, heals wounds propolis, wax makes the skin softer, more elastic and more supple.Bee venom is contained in minimal concentrations, allows to get the biologically active additives deeper into the skin and has an immunomodulatory effect on the whole body.

Cream "Tentorium", reviews of which are very favorable, it is an excellent tool for massage.It improves metabolism and blood circulation, has analgesic and anti-inflammatory action.The drug reduces swelling, quickly relieves pain, restores blood circulation in the muscles after exercise, and resolves hematoma.

described products are only the beginning of a long list of drugs produced by the company "Tentorium".