A little trick in applying Fragrances

Once an American woman by the name of Estee Lauder, which is one of the most famous beauticians worldwide perfume called "invisible makeup."Now it's catch phrase."Like any other cosmetics, spirits also need to be able to use, and use the correct" - it is expressed.Below we list the top 6, in our view, important recommendations for applying fragrance.Let's get started:

recommendation first.

Remember - you can never apply perfume on impure body.Only after taking a shower (or bathtub - as you like), our skin can absorb and reflect the flavor, just like sunlight. Spirits will also be mixed with your natural scent, thus giving an even greater effect.

second recommendation.

apply perfume is only necessary 2-3 drops (the principle of "the more the better" does not in this case) to those parts of our body where the veins.The skin thanks to this in the warmest places (proximity of blood vessels in the skin), and its heat fully "disclose" flavor.For example, such sites can be even folds of th

e wrist and the elbow and shoulder.And another is so-called jugular fossa (located on the neck, specifically between the collarbones), famous for the carotid artery in the neck, and of course whiskey.Also, all the ladies favorite places - for earlobes, specifically the hair roots: there if splash spirits, the longest preserved smell.

If vial cologne or perfume (or toilet, water, perfume ) no dispenser, of course should not be (and even in any case!) To pour fragrant liquid perfume directly from the bottle.It is enough to put a few drops on stopper or a finger and touch in places ripple on the body.And remember an important detail - do not rub perfume into the skin - flavor can "get hurt".

third recommendation.

If you are going to refresh clothes spirits, it is very useful to know that the more harmonious flavor appears on natural fabrics (such as wool, linen, silk, cotton).The things made of wool and fur odors persist as zakonservirovanye for years.But remember - spirits can also stain light-colored fabrics, and products made of wool and fur can lose their color.So apply perfume to clothing must be on the inside - namely, the lining, seams and folds of shoulder pads.You can also use a little cunning and sew the shoulder seam of your clothes a small piece of woolen cloth and perfume it without fear to leave a mark on the expensive and beautiful fabrics.Following these simple manipulations will find the whole thing so you favorite flavor !

fourth recommendation.

you may be surprised, but for many people, which is of great value stability today is no longer in vogue.Within one day, the world's experts on modern and fashionable women are just different in the "power" and "sound" flavors.Here for you a little, so to speak, a training course.So the first - in the morning and afternoon as flavor is not too strong to be rather gentle and easy.Well, and the second - in the evening, after taking a shower, it is even possible to put perfume with a rich aroma , a "mystery", the smell of which will not be superimposed on the morning and afternoon, it will be, so to speak, "sound" completely somostoyatelno.That's why manufacturers of luxury perfume perfume calculated resistance of about 4 to 6 hours.It is worth noting that the evening and the classic perfume resistance is somewhat greater than that day.Well, who continue to strive for stability, to take notes - in its resistance fragrances are divided into four categories: perfume perfume water, toilet water and cologne .

fifth recommendation.

Now for the storage of spirits : spirits must be stored in a dark place without exposure to direct sunlight, in a case, and only capped!Then, evaporation and oxidation of the alcohol spirits when combined with oxygen is minimized and your scent will be a lot longer to please you!

sixth recommendation.

Please try not to mix different flavors Group (chypre and floral, for example).Generally it is best, of course, if your perfume and deodorant are marks of one group ( the world's best brands let the whole "series" under the same name, which includes spirits and toilet water , and creams and tonics and deodorants... In general, everything your heart desires).Va If this is not possible, then choose a deodorant that you will use with a very low odor and is best at all without it."How so!"- You exclaim - "like without deodorant or antiperspirant? And the smell? And sweat?"Do not worry, there is a popular trick and on that score.Take a pinch of baking soda regular table, and apply to underarms - all believe, and safely and effectively and without unnecessary unnecessary odors!

Well, the last thing I would like to convey to you in this article - All the best to the best!After all, even the most exquisite and expensive perfumes become unbearable for others and for you, if there are too many!Remember these simple tricks, and your spirits will thank you its unique aroma !