Powder Givenchy give flawless beauty

unlikely that the major manufacturers of color cosmetics need no introduction.Brands like Chanel, Givanchy, Dior, etc.on hearing of many women.It is not fashionable dresses and branded shoes, many girls prefer to use these quality cosmetics brands.This is not surprising, because it is not a cheap low-quality products, so it is likely to buy the products, which you have long dreamed of.

But we will not bow and scrape in a bow in front of branded products, and afford a more detailed talk about a famous brand cosmetics.

What is Givenchy cosmetics?First, speaking about this cosmetics, it should be noted that the face of the company is Audrey Hepburn, which is considered an icon of grace and sophistication.All cosmetics brand that offers women a huge variety of colors and a wide color palette.Particular attention should be paid to two truly unique powder Givenhy, who to this day are very popular.

Powder Givenchy Prisme Libre - a unique product that combines the four colors at once.Creators focused on t

he fact that the skin of the face is not one shade, and in order to make a more natural look, you need to "play" with colors, using different tones.On the surface of the powder is the company's logo, which is a small filter that allows you to mix and ultra shades.If you use a darker tone and almost do not use light and translucent, you can mask the projecting parts of the face.For example, a large cheekbone or the nose can easily be made less noticeable by using a skillful application pitch.

Powder Givenchy Prisme Again - a unique four-color version of this type of products, which, moreover, is now complemented by a convenient wide brush.It should be noted that Prisme palette consists of the combining bronze shades.Currently, the powder is already more advanced form of Prismissime Powder Face & amp;Eye and includes nine colors.This allows you to use it and how eyeshadow.

more powder Givenchy has a variety Prismissime Mat & amp; Glow, which, as the name implies, contains matt and shiny color.It allows a woman to focus on different parts of the face, mask wide cheekbones or a big nose, big eyes and emphasize the elegant line of the shoulders.

For the ladies, whose skin is more consistent with oily and mixed type, there is a cream powder Givenchy Matissime Absolute Matte, the distinctive feature of which is its content of hollow microspheres, helps to mask large pores and small wrinkles.Cementing components contained in this product Givenchy, regulate sebum skin.An important additional advantage is the availability of a sun protection factor, which equals 20 (SPF 20).

I would like to draw attention to the fact that the powder Givenchy has a translucent texture, so try to use it to mask the serious defects of the skin - absolutely useless.But if you use it on top of the applied tonal means, the makeup will look very natural and naturally, with all the shortcomings will be masked.

Another useful advice would be our recommendation is to apply makeup Givenchy (powder of the brand, as well, and other products suitable for almost all women) on a clean and moisturized face.The fact is that if there is on the face shine, or conversely, areas of skin that peel from dryness, then when applying makeup, you only increase the effect of fat or peeling, these moments become even more noticeable visually.

Generally any makeup is best applied over imbibed daily moisturizer.This will allow the makeup to go evenly on the skin and retains its original appearance for a longer time.